Can the Acer Concept D 3Ezel turn working from home into working from anywhere?

A man sitting at his desk while using his Acer Concept D 3Ezel.
Credit: Acer

Prior to the spring of 2020, I would have told you that working from home was a breeze and that this luxury even once a week boosted my productivity. I would have told you the quiet, interruption-less environment there allowed me to focus on projects that required my undivided concentration. 

All of that vanished quicker than you could say “safer at home” when suddenly my husband and I were working from home, our college student and high school senior were home doing remote learning, our live-in, twenty-something videographer friend and my first-grader were all homebound and parceled out into every corner of our home. We dragged home tables for make-shift desks, ran ethernet cable through our heat ducts (not joking) and our Quarantine Team of six made our previously believed-to-be spacious home into a working, schooling, work-out, entertainment-zone hybrid!

In those moments of sheer pandemonium, I found out that my safe-haven of working from home was gone forever. I desperately needed a work-from-anywhere strategy and solution. I worked from the kitchen counter while helping my first-grader with Elearning. I did zoom meetings in my no-door office nook. My work team got to know my daughter who frequently peeked around my shoulder to say hi and my dog who insisted his spot was on my lap (so thankful for that mute button). We needed strong, reliable wi-fi everywhere (thank you highspeed internet and an Amplifi wireless mesh system throughout the house) but also needed a strong hard-wired connection for video editing in the basement. And I needed a flexible, adaptable, reliable, power-house of a laptop to keep up. 

I can finally say, all these months later that I have found the laptop my heart and mind have been longing for since the 2020 pandemic hit. The Acer Concept D 3Ezel has the speed I never imagined I could have, an all-day (seven-hour) battery life and a dreamy 15.6″ 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 16:9 Touchscreen.  It’s perfect for dividing my screen to run Zoom and Powerpoint while taking notes with Onenote. It is my dream multitasking, multi-producing work partner! I can finally function as if I were in the office while I work from literally anywhere in my house, my car, or the parking lot of the doctor’s office while waiting to be called in. I can have ten tabs open, follow a task to-do list in Asana, work on a presentation, edit an article, watch a product review, listen to my playlist and sign a document with a stylus on my touchscreen! Who knew this was even possible when my previous work-from-home option became my year-long reality! 

Acer, well done, and thank you is all I can say. I don’t know who created Ezel Hinge’s six different modes including an unparalleled float mode that literally holds the screen at any angle, but I’d like to give that person a hug. The float mode truly keeps the screen firmly in place at whatever angle or position I put it in. It is remarkable.

I know I don’t have the creative genius to truly test the full capacity of the creative side of this laptop including its precision drawing and digital sketching ability, the integrated pen recognition, and Wacom pressure sensitivity in the pen for animation. But I do know that the rendering times and image processing times are significantly decreased with the 10 Generation Intel Core i7 processor. and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER with Max-Q Design. And, multitasking is further boosted thanks to the 32GB DDR4 memory and up to two 1TB NVMe PCIe SSDs. Please test this mega machine’s capabilities, I did not find anything it lacked. I didn’t max out its three USB plus an HDMI port, the 1 TB of storage, or the webcam capabilities and I doubt you will either. All I can say is Bravo Acer, you did it and I am thankful! Bring it on 2021, I’m ready.