Ombraz Sunglasses will take your outdoor fun to the next level

A man wearing his Ombraz sunglasses as he is trekking up a mountain.
Credit: Ombraz

Sunglasses are always a problem for active wear. It’s challenging to keep them on while doing outdoor activities. Most likely, you will lose your patience and take them off. So sunglasses can add more work rather than help.

Now you don’t need to wear contact lenses to avoid slipping and falling off. You also don’t need to buy transition contacts to adjust to bright light conditions. By the way, those cost $38 for a 6-pack. You probably need something that you can trust in emergencies and a price tag.

Ombraz Sunglasses bring more functionality to your lifestyle. They are irreplaceable when you go crazy outdoors. Driving a jet ski while you are on the beach? Easy! Taking a horse ride on a trail or country roads? You will never look for them down in the debris because they will be on your head. They will be there even if you get the max out of your 4-wheeler.

The transformation in wearability in these glasses comes from a new cord. It replaces your hinges, sidearms, and screws, letting nothing break. How does the cord work? You pull beads to tighten or pull the cords to loosen. So the cord comes around your head, securing the glasses with a soft touch and giving you durability when facing extreme conditions. That’s how you can jump from a waterfall and keep the glasses on.

Your solution now may be to throw off your sunglasses and forget about them while you do your most active things. If you do that with your RayBan sunglasses, you will feel like you are wasting $185. And, if you don’t remember where you put them, someone for sure will step on them. I don’t think those will survive even if you just sit on them. I guarantee you will end up mad. That’s the price you will probably pay when you have sidearms.

When you buy Ombraz for $140, you also pay for polarization. No matter if you are a summer or a winter person, you have protection from the glare that blinds you. It’s not very pleasant to face the shine when you snow ski or sail. German engineered Zeiss optics protect you from scratches and polarized waves. So what does polarization do, and why would you pay an extra $15 for them?

This type of glass has an extra chemical coat that eliminates the bright light reflected from a surface. This glare strains your eyes, making you potentially miss an oncoming hazard. Think about it as a filter that blocks the dangerous intensity of light, just like the KN95 masks for Covid-19. Both give you the comfort and safety that you need, while polarization is a must on a sunny day.

Taking a step further, you can shop at this website to add a prescription to your sunglasses. The price goes up with the RX lens types (single or progressive), treatments (polarized or non), and the lens material (CR-39, Trivex, and High Index 1.67). This way, you will be protected with perfectly customized eyesight so that you can see and soar like an eagle.

What you need to know about frame sizes is that Ombraz has two of them for each model. They vary from narrow, regular, and large, depending on the pair. The difference between them is significant, so you have to be really picky about the best fit for you. If you are tall and skinny, your pick is probably the narrow fit. It’s like buying a pair of shoes — if you have size 10, you won’t feel quite comfortable in 9.5.

With Ombraz sunglasses, this is the first time that active gear adds to your comfort. It’s not like agonizing boots for hiking that create blisters or bicycle seats that make you sore the next day. These sunglasses actually help you do all that you do in the sun. Search no further for the perfect active-life sunglasses.