Chefman Multi-Function Air Fryer stands out in the crowd

The Chefman Multi-Function Air Fryer sitting on a counter by a plate of French fries and some herbs.

Air fryers are one of the latest, must-have products for any kitchen. With a variety of sizes, anyone can find an air fryer to meet their needs and their space, if they so desire.  

The Chefman Multi-Function Air Fryer is just one such air fryer. But with its generous size and many functions, this is one air fryer that stands out from the crowd. 

This Chefman Air Fryer is 6 liters and includes two air flow trays, a rotisserie spit, and a rotating basket. It is pre-programed with many options for cooking and baking, and it even has a dehydrator setting. A drip tray rests at the bottom of the air fryer to catch any drips.  

I never used an air fryer until this Chefman product arrived at my door. I was excited to see what all the buzz was about. This air fryer did not disappoint. 

Because it was the end of garden season, I had tons of produce to preserve. I used the dehydrator function to make apple chips and to dry out hot peppers. The dehydrator setting is programmed to run for eight hours at 140 degrees. Neither one of my applications took the full eight hours. One particular perk of the air fryer is that it is portable. Drying spicy peppers produces a spicy odor, so I took the air fryer out to my deck. It worked great! 

One downside of this dehydrating application was that the air fryer only includes two trays. It seems like the air fryer is built to hold more trays, but I did not find any to purchase on the Chef 

man website.  Because dehydrating takes so long, more trays to dehydrate more produce would have been nice.  

I also used the air fryer to roast vegetables. This worked great! My veggies were perfectly cooked and slightly crunchy, just the way I like them.  

Other uses included reheating pizza. I normally throw leftover pizza into the oven to reheat. When I used the air fryer, the pizza was hot and revived in five minutes! I did not have to spend time waiting for my oven to preheat.  We also cooked tater tots on the air flow trays, and again, the results were perfect. Hot and crunchy! 

The Chefman Multi-Function Air Fryer in use.

I did not try the rotisserie spit, as it seemed complicated, and it said it would only hold four pounds of meat. I did not have anything that small that I wanted to cook on the rotisserie. The rotating basket would be perfect to get golden, crunchy French fries, but again, I did not have any on hand to test.  

I was disappointed with the manual that came with the air fryer. The instructions were fine, but there were no suggested recipes. Usually, small appliances come with a sampling of recipes for you to try with their product. Because this was my first experience with an air fryer, some guidance would have been nice. On the Chefman website, I did see that there was one recipe, and you could join Club Chefman to access recipes and tutorials. Handy, but not easy to access when you are ready to cook.  

This air fryer, with its size and multi-functions, is a great air fryer is you are thinking of purchasing one. I enjoyed the options it provided and the ease of use. A great air fryer, and more, for the money.