Is your phone dirtier than your toilet? Let the CleanTray UV Sterilization Case clean you up

The CleanTray UV Sterilization Case in use.
Credit: KeySmart

With the Coronavirus pandemic, you probably underwent some changes in your life. The virus shifted many trends in 2020 and changed many of our routines. But, did you know that According to USA Today, even before the pandemic, your phone is seven times dirtier than an average toilet? Why bother cleaning our hands with soap and hand sanitizer if we go back and use a phone that has more germs on it than a toilet? 

KeySmart gives me a solution that kills 99.9% of germs from my phone. It only makes sense… we touch our phones 2,617 times a day.

With all of the changes in the way I go to the gym, shop, and communicate with others (namely with masks on) and considering there is no vaccine yet, I have been tempted to avoid public places. But since I can’t stay home all the time, I expose myself and subsequently, my family to germs. Now I have a new responsibility – keep my home safe and sanitized.

KeySmart just launched a new ultraviolet sterilization case that can hold everything we touch most frequently. This small box fits my watch, wallet, keys, and phone. Here is the trick – unconsciously, I already use hand sanitizer after we leave a building or get in the car. But what happens in between? I send a text or two and use my wallet to pay with a credit card. I consider this a new sanitizer for my tools and devices.

The CleanTray UV Sterilization Case keeps my home safe in a simple way. It has four ultraviolet LED lights that are powerful enough to kill harmful bacteria. I just plug it in with a micro-USB charging cable and wait a few minutes. The case is good for small essentials, but not large enough to fit my laptop. 

The CleanTray UV Sterilization Case holding a phone, pocket knife, AirPods, and wedding ring.
Credit: KeySmart

I simply open the lid, place all my daily tools inside, and close it. Make sure that you close it tightly since ultraviolet light of this level can hurt your skin and eyes. There is a central button on the box, just like on iPhone 6 which I found simple to use. When I push the central button, the light changes from orange to blue. Orange is still, blue is in action. It takes only five minutes for the disinfection process to be complete. Before closing the lid, I can also add my favorite essential oil to enrich the items with a pleasant aroma.

Sanitizing the things we use most is in huge demand right now. This case can certainly fit my wireless earphones and all of my small daily essentials.  I would love to see this technology put into use with our cars and homes as well. When was the last time you sanitized your vehicle? I have never done it with mine. I’d love to see this technology incorporated into businesses like carsharing, car washing, and even Amazon Delivery services.