Clckr Saffiano Stand and Grip Case review: Affordable protection with a bonus

If you’re going to carry around a phone all day, you might as well protect it and, frankly, why not add an extra feature that helps you get more out of your phone?

That’s the idea with the Clckr Saffiano Stand and Grip Case. The protective case does the job all day, since it is impact resistant, has a raised edge to protect the screen, and is made from a durable material that won’t crack or dent easily. 

I used the case with my iPhone 11 Pro for several weeks and didn’t have any issues where the case cracked or looked like it wasn’t going to pass my tests (aka, dropping my phone by accident a few times).

The real perk here, though, since there are so many cases to choose from, is that the Clckr Saffiano Stand and Grip Case has a hidden purpose. On the back, there’s a plastic snap-out stand you can use for watching movies on your phone or checking your social media feeds.

The stand pops into place easily, and works fine in portrait or landscape mode. 

Of course, you can also use the stand as a holder for your phone. On a trip, for example, I was able to hold my phone more securely while someone else was driving and check my email and other tasks on my phone. It is surprising how the handle makes it easier to use your phone, especially since I normally don’t use a case with a handle on it.

I decided to also test the Clckr Saffiano Stand and Grip Case with an iPhone 11 Pro Max and found the same results. The case worked great, and the stand is a nice bonus.

The Clckr Saffiano is compatible with wireless charging pads and passed that test just fine. The company claims the case can withstand a drop test from about six feet. 

The product has antimicrobial protection as well, although that’s only available on the iPhone 12 and 13 versions, so not the one I tested.

Overall, this is a wonderful product for getting a grip on life. It provided the protection and safe handling for my iPhone, and also the bonus stand for extra functionality.