Tribit StormBox Micro2 review: It’s all you’ll need in a portable speaker

I like to keep things simple. With about everything, if it has a big fancy name or super long user manual you can pretty much count me out. I want to be able to read the one, half page instructions once and then be able to go about using the item. My husband, on the other hand, loves to learn all the gadgets shortcuts and buttons in order to know that he is getting the full experience of whatever he is using. I let him be my cheat sheet, and have him teach me all the useful bits he’s learned. 

Now the Tribit StormBox Micro2 really does fit both me and my husband’s personalities. First, I can say the name. Second, I was able to flip through the user manual in 5 minutes, reading enough to know how to turn it on and connect it to my phone with Bluetooth. Then much of the rest to me, felt second nature when it came to the volume buttons, how to charge it and where to find the multifunctional button. 

For my husband, it has got lots more to offer that he will take advantage of. It has a conversation mode that you can use by answering or ending phone calls, even pause calls or swap between two different calls all with the same button. You can activate Siri or skip to your next song. I found it pretty cool that if you bought two of these, you can connect the two speakers to create a whole surround sound effect in your space. I mean, with just the one, I can really blast the sound so I can only imagine the magnitude you could reach with two paired together! 

Now we’ve had our fair share of speakers over the years. You’ve got the ones that you pay $200 or more to get that high-quality sound and those that you can tell they were $10 because they have that similar tin sound to when I used to put my phone inside an empty glass to project out more volume. (I wasn’t the only one who did that trick, right?) Now the Tribit StormBox Micro2, I can honestly say, is very affordable at $69.99 and has a great sound! So good that I could barely tell a difference from this small 4×4 boxed speaker and my large, expensive speakers. It truly does have that mighty sound for such a micro size! 

Now for speakers, sound is the most important element and this speaker meets that great sound perfectly, in my option. But as a mom of four kids, durability is also key. My kids get ahold of everything in our house and want part in everything I do. If mom is listening to music, you can be sure that a little human is going to be grabbing that soundbox and dancing around the house with it. And with the butterfingers of children, it will for sure take a fall or two. With this speaker, that’s no issue. It’s taken a hit or two already and has endured it beautifully.

Something I didn’t plan on using the speaker for was bedtime stories for my kids. They’ve been really into listening to kid podcasts before bed as they wind down their little bodies. Almost every night, my oldest will grab the Tribit Stormbox Micro2 and ask to listen in her bunk while she tries to go to sleep. This speaker can be tossed from the top bunk on accident and show no wounds from its fall. Yet be small enough, that my daughters little hands can handle it well. I love that I can leave the speaker in their room with them and still keep my phone with me by utilizing the long reaching Bluetooth. 

Let me touch on the beauty of this speaker being able to go anywhere with you, too. My husband grabbed it to snap onto his backpack while taking the kids to play frisbee golf. It’s got a strap on the back that is strong and has amazing grip keeping it from sliding around your bike bar or backpack strap. I will just toss it into my purse as we head to the park, and I know it’ll be our new family grab when we go camping or hiking. Its size makes it that perfect tagalong, while not sacrificing any quality in sound. Its battery life is 12 hours while also working as an iPhone charger if needed.

Overall, I’m very impressed. When it’s said that this speaker is micro in size but macro in sound, that is so very true. 

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