Turn your car into an aromatherapy office

The TMS F1 Black Aroma Diffuser sitting in a car's cupholder.
Credit: The Magic Scent

Have you ever thought that car scents don’t really work? I was a car owner for a while and still spend time shopping for scents that last. Nothing makes a drive to the office more enjoyable than a clean car and a nice odor. But nothing can be worse than changing little trees every two days because they exhaust their smell. I fixed the problem by putting the TMS F1 Black Aroma Diffuser in my Volkswagen Passat. 

People say it right when they say that smell brings memories back. The last time I saw my mom baking a cake was a year ago. I still remember the vanilla she always used. Now, I don’t need to restock packs of vanilla fragrances to keep the memories in my mind. All I do is fill my new diffuser with the sweet vanilla oil and it will do the rest.

This portable oil diffuser is the aroma system in your car. Just like the premium sound system in a movie theater, the diffuser covers you entirely with the odor of your choice. Unlike some car diffusers that attach to the power outlet, this aroma lamp is cordless and sits in your cup holder. The diffuser holds two days’ worth of charge for an enjoyable ride.

This diffuser is not only functional but also looks great in my car. I don’t need to hide it under a seat when I give a ride home to my loved ones. It matches my black leather interior perfectly and if coupled with “Leather Blend” oil, I feel like my 2007 car steps back in time. Also, I’m less concerned about safety inside my car. The diffuser is BPA free, so there is no danger to kids, parents, or pets. They are free to enjoy it with you. 

There is a much broader selection of essential oils than any air freshener you can hang on your rear-view mirror. You can choose between four different settings that let you choose how fast it diffuses your favorite scent. It helps you find your golden middle between “too much” and “not enough.” When it diffuses, it doesn’t feel like the water splash at a barbershop. Instead, it spreads the dry mist into the air that your skin loves. 

After testing different essential oils, my car turned into an aromatherapy office. Now whenever I’m stuck in traffic, I’m enjoying the smell of my car instead of honking at everyone. I also enjoy using my car to make family calls after work. The table and chair at home won’t give you the environment of “Blackwood,” or even an “Ocean.”