Didn’t know I needed a Mattress Vacuum till I had one – Iris USA Vacuum

When the sun is shining and spring is here  there is something on the inside of us all that comes out. It is the spirit of wanting to clean and organize your house. Yes, spring cleaning brings the joys of cleaning things that you would never think to clean but in order to enjoy the most out of summer and say goodbye to winter, it’s the perfect time to clean. For a lot of us, we focus on the big areas of cleaning but often we forget the things to clean that are so important and yet are crazy dirty. When my wife said it was time to clean she mentioned that it would be a good idea to clean our mattress. I was very confused when she said it. I didn’t even know how to do that. The IRIS USA Vacuum is exactly what we needed and we were excited to try it out.

We just purchased a new mattress this last year so I thought this vacuum would catch little to no dust. When we hooked the vacuum up to vacuum our mattress it started making noise rather quickly. We were shocked when we emptied the dust container to find out how much dust had been in my mattress for the past year. I had no idea how much we needed this mattress vacuum in our lives.

The IRIS USA Vacuum was so easy to use with little assembly and straight plug in, the box also includes directions and information on the product itself. Once we started using it we couldn’t stop, it started with the mattress then went crazy. We wondered what else can this powerful dust vacuum clean and so we tried it on our carpets, curtains, and couch cushions all had the same results, lots of fine dust but a feeling of comfort knowing it’s clean.

The cord to plug in IRIS USA Vacuum has plenty of lengths to get around larger to small mattresses and rugs which was very nice and much appreciated because we have a Purple Mattress California King. The look of the vacuum is a very stylish and clean look that is the dream for anybody who likes to have their appliances look modern. The size of the vacuum is also a huge plus because it’s small yet so powerful. This means easier storage and can fit on a shelf or in a pantry. The one thing that did become of an annoyance was how small the dust collection cup was. We had to change it a lot during the time we were cleaning.

The good feeling did come from the fact of how much dust it was collecting. Spring cleaning can become a tedious task but having IRIS USA Vacuum is a must to do the best job possible. So if you’re in the market for a phenomenal mattress vacuum you can not go wrong with purchasing IRIS USA Vacuum!

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