A dozen gifts for your spring/summer 2022

This time of year (spring/summer) is usually pretty busy for my family with Mother’s and Father’s Days, birthdays, and school ending. However, we’ve got more going on this year than many years before. In addition to the annual “goings-on,” we also have graduations, a wedding, and moving. To say I feel a bit overwhelmed is an understatement. So, I wanted to find some unique gifts for those we are honoring. This round-up will be a bit different than those I’ve written before as I will be packing a lot in for you. I’d be willing to wager that you can find at least one thing here that will fit the bill if you’re looking for a unique gift for that special someone.


Since we’re holding a graduation party at our house, I wanted to find a new yard game for our guests. We already have volleyball, cornhole, spikeball, and the “usual” games so I wanted something new. Bean Bag Bucketz ($65) is a twist on the cornhole game. It uses beanbags and a stand with bucketz affixed to a vertical pole. It’s a 360-degree game that is easily portable and so much fun to play. You can watch the infomercial if you want, but take it from me, this game is fun for the whole family!

Another game we found and enjoyed on Easter was the Pop Darts Pro ($37). It took us a few times to get the hang of tossing the darts so they would hit correctly (and not bounce instead of stick), but we found the game to be tons of fun, even for those of us who are very picky about the games we choose to play.

Now the next product I’m going to suggest isn’t so much of a game as it is…an activity, I guess I’d call it. The Flowjobucket list cards ($50) have so many great ideas of things you can do. I have all three sets – the couple’s bucket listself-care bucket list, and dad’s bucket list. All of the boxes are filled with 100 cards with activities on them intended to deepen your connection to yourself and others. They also have dividers so you know what you have to do, are doing, or have done. For those of us who have exhausted our brilliant ideas for things to do, these boxes are great! You can look at them as a challenge to yourself. I do!

Products for Your Active Loved Ones

Each person in my family has their own version of activity that makes them happy. I like to walk my dogs outside and hop on my elliptical or recumbent bike, get out in the garden, ride in the boat with my husband, and even take the occasional 4-wheeling ride among other things. I have a husband who loves to fish, a son who is in the Marine Corps, another son who is an avid basketball player (and spikeball, volleyball, any sport almost), and another who works in HVAC. Oh, and two of them work in restaurants where their clothes get filled with garlic smells…yuck! All of this to say that odors can really cling to our clothes. I found Swiff spray ($30) and bought one for my youngest son for his work clothes. He said he likes it because it greatly decreases the overwhelming smell of garlic that seems to always cling to his clothes. The company claims the spray keeps your clothes odor-free for up to five washes and my son tends to agree. If you’ve got a loved one that could use a little help between washes with their clothes, this may just be a nice, practical gift!

I have trouble finding no-show socks that stay in place. How about you? Mine tend to always slip down, causing me to give up on them and just remove them. I wanted to find some that I could trust to stay in place so, before giving any to my loved ones, I tried out the Sockshh Champ Stamp ($18, on sale now for $12). I really like them! I wore them with tennis shoes while taking my 100-lb lab on a 45-minute, nearly 4-mile walk where we went up and down hills, trotted a little (I’m not a runner, sorry!), and walked quickly. The socks stayed in place. I will say, though, that later that night, I had them on when I put on my Hey Dude shoes and they didn’t stand up as well. I’m not sure if it’s because of the shoe or what, but they slipped down.

You may have read my review on the Oak and Reed waistband but felt like you didn’t want to give someone another thing to wear. Here’s a product you may like! On the same walk with my lab, I wore the Pursesuitz Level 1 Tanktop ($48) and carried my phone and a plastic bag in the pockets. I mean, I can’t expect to give a tanktop that claims to safely carry your essentials in its pockets to someone without trying one out, now can I? I can tell you that the tank was comfortable, stayed in place, and did, in fact, safely carry my phone and plastic bag. No slipping or dropping of objects at all. This tank would make a great gift for your loved one who likes having pockets to carry her necessities.

When I got home from my walk, I was quite thirsty. Believe it or not, it was quite humid and over 80 degrees here in northern Wisconsin on this day! I grabbed my still Path Water (stillalkaline, or sparkling; one case of nine 20-oz. bottles, $20) and gulped it down. I love this water but what I like even better is that I now have nine 20-ounce reusable bottles that keep my water cold. I don’t have to buy the plastic water bottles anymore and, if I want to give them away, I don’t feel like I’m cluttering up the environment. I may buy some of these for my sons who are moving out on their own so they have some portable water bottles! In fact, my middle son may love using these bottles with the delicious bubbly drinks he makes with his Drinkmate!

Daintier Gifts

Recently I reviewed Cribsi’s vases and planter, which are great gifts to give to your loved ones who like plants.

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry, may I suggest The Starfish Project Give Hope necklace ($50)? Not only is it lovely, 100% of each purchase goes into the company’s mission to restore hope to exploited women and girls. This is a no-brainer for me. Run out and grab one!

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