Does GoSun’s SolarLight outshine my phone flashlight?

Credit: GoSun

GoSun’s SolarLight is the single greatest flashlight I have ever owned. Plain and simple. I don’t normally like flashlights because they tend to be big, bulky, underpowered, and they always need batteries. And, I rarely find myself needing one, due to the flashlight on my phone. I didn’t realize how much I needed a great flashlight until I used GoSun’s SolarLight. 

This flashlight is called the SolarLight because it is able to recharge through solar panels located on the flashlight body itself. It can also be charged by a USB cord that comes with it.

It has a small, sleek design while maintaining a powerful, steel structure. It isn’t a hassle for me to pack it because it will fit in any pocket in my backpack. It is about .4 pounds with dimensions of 6.68” x 1.38” x .98”.

At the same time, this flashlight packs 280 lumens of on-demand light. To put that into perspective, your average flashlight has about 100 lumens. Not only does the base light double the average flashlight, but you can cycle through four modes: full power, dimmed power, fast strobe, and slow strobe. This light will reach about 1,000 feet, but it feels (and looks) like much more.

If you hold the button down, you can cycle through two different lights located on the body of the flashlight. A lantern mode, and then a red strobe emergency mode. Both settings are equally bright making it a great lantern in any situation and making me feel safe in case of an emergency. If that isn’t enough, there is a powerful magnet on the bottom of the flashlight for hands-free use. 

The charge time for this flashlight is about 24 hours by purely solar light, and by USB it takes about four total hours. The flashlight has 20 hours of battery life. After using it for about a week, testing its power almost every night, I found myself never having to recharge it. 

This flashlight has everything I need. An extremely powerful light, lantern, and emergency light. All while maintaining a small and light structure with great battery life. As well as having a strong and intricate design. It doesn’t feel cheap in any way and is the most powerful flashlight I’ve ever owned. 

With all this appreciation and hype, you might assume this thing would cost too much. After all, it’s just a small flashlight, right? $29, free shipping, free returns, 1-year warranty. SSL secured checkout. Not only does the flashlight have a great price, but GoSun offers these perks with every order.

GoSun also offers exceptional customer care. In my mind, not only is the flashlight affordable with amazing quality, but the whole GoSun lineup of products is worth a look. I was thoroughly impressed with their flashlight and it certainly outshines my simple phone flashlight.

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