GoSun Flatware is a wallet must have

A tasty plate of salmon salad with the GoSun flatware in use on the table beside it.
Credit: GoSun

Have you ever gotten fast food from a drive-through and they forget your utensils? Or have you been camping and found yourself wanting to enjoy some food and needing silverware? Well not anymore. 

GoSun’s travel cutlery set has everything you need with convenience and immediate availability to boot. The flatware includes a spoon and a fork, and the spoon has a serrated knife edge. It is lightweight and easy to clean, it fits in a wallet or purse and is made of strong steel.  All of this while being the size of a credit card. GoSun’s Flatware is an absolute must-have for on the go dining.

If you’re like me, you forget something every day. I forget to grab my keys, phone, you name it whenever I leave the house. Remembering silverware is the last thing on my mind. GoSun’s Flatware was a great, simple addition to my wallet. 

Gone are the days of using the cover as a spoon to eat your yogurt or tipping containers upside down hoping something drips out. You won’t even stress when forgetful employees at fast food restaurants leave you without silverware. With GoSun Flatware, you can easily fit silverware into your wallet. I didn’t realize how big of a difference this made until I had one myself. It is easily hand-washable, and dishwasher safe as well. It is a great gift for someone who does a lot of eating on the run! 

This Flatware is something I have never seen before. I have used silverware in the form of a pocket knife. Those were a bit bulky, cheap, and hard to clean. With GoSun’s Flatware, you get multi-use silverware in a protective case. One fork and a spoon/knife all fitting nicely into the smallest space. The case is just 3.3” x 2” x 0.15” and the utensils themselves expand out to 6″ x 1″.

The utensils are quality steel as well. They don’t feel flimsy or cheap in any way. I see this as a necessary upgrade to my wallet. I like packing myself lunches. Whenever I do so, I pack plastic silverware. Now, I don’t have to worry about that. I am saving money that I used to spend on those plastic utensils and helping the environment too. All due to my quality cutlery set in my pocket.

GoSun’s Flatware is at a great price of $24. Never again will you choose to buy plastic silverware for packing your lunch. If you love meal-prepping, eating on the go or while traveling, this is a wonderful purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed this product.