Embrace a new level of ergonomic comfort with the Cooler Master MM720 Mouse

Embrace a new level of ergonomic comfort with the Cooler Master MM720 Mouse 

Change is tough. I tend to rebel against change because it typically means I have to work to figure something new out. I like the status quo – it’s easy. With technology change is a must – a necessity – it’s what pushes boundaries and makes us crave the next best thing. Maybe change doesn’t suck. Cooler Master is a company that embraces change, and their MM720 mouse makes the case that a change in design can indeed be a change for the better. 


I was initially disappointed when opening the box to the MM720. The design is something akin to an animal print you may see in the sludge after a few rainy days. More round than oblong, I don’t think the “claw” design approach is the prettiest looking mouse out there by any means. Yet, while most companies mimic each other and create the same mouse (over and over) with a few new features, Cooler Master breaks the mold by offering a “boxy” and lighter approach. The ultra light weight is due to the size and honeycomb design, and Cooler Master’s switch to the braided cable is a big plus. 

The MM720 isn’t the prettiest to look at, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in comfort. It fits in my hand like no other mouse I have tried. This mouse takes an extra wide approach that allows your ring finger to rest upon it. It isn’t too wide though – not like trackball mouse width. In fact, the easiest way to describe it is “just right” for its design and it feels great. 

As is typical, the mouse has two color options, black and white with either a glossy or matte finish. Oh – and for those who are worried, RGB lighting is still included despite the unique design. 

Performance and Software

If you aren’t concerned about how a mouse actually looks and just want to know how it performs, this mouse could be for you (my apologies if you love the look). The MM720 is quick and mighty. The weight and PTFE feet allow me to whip the mouse around like Devo. If you’ve read any of my other mouse reviews, you know I’m firmly against cables, but this one is barely there and is only distracting from a strictly aesthetic perspective. 

Cooler Master accompanies this lightweight mouse with a PMW-3389 optical sensor that allows for up to 16,000 DPI (32,000 with software) which is well beyond what I ever attempt to set my sensitivity levels to. The switches are durable and easily clickable with a supposed 20 million click durability promise. 

Cruising around in Doom Eternal, Apex, and Fornite felt natural, smooth, fast, and frenzied as ever. The only issue I have is the occasional desire to use my ring finger to press a button that isn’t there. With the added finger rest on the width, it took me some time to get used to. This really bothered me at first, but given time the issue subsided. 

As for the software, aptly named Cooler Master Master+ (okay it’s a bit long and redundant), I appreciate the variety of options for customization of the buttons and DPI. I toyed with the RGB settings and found seven preset options along with brightness settings and a few color customization options as well. Profiles are available to create, but I tend not to use these options as much as others I game with. Finding the right DPI is my main reason for using software and customizing the various buttons depending on the game are really all I need in the digital realm. 


Cooler Master created a really unique mouse that hands down offers the best comfortable gaming experience I’ve had in awhile. It really is hard to put this one down despite the fact that it is wired. The value of what you get cannot be overstated here. Comfort and function blend well with great software customization options for roughly forty bucks. Considering some companies want to charge you much more and don’t offer quite as much, I’d get this mouse in a heartbeat if I were shopping. Hands down the most comfortable wired mouse I’ve tried – now I just need to teach my ring finger to stop pushing imaginary buttons and just rest. Happy gaming!