Going viral is easier than you think with this vlogging kit

Like most people, you have probably always wanted to upload your video that had that “something special” and wake up the next morning to more likes and shares than you could have imagined. What do you need to go viral? It’s simpler than you might think.

First of all, you need some equipment to record. Most new phones will do just fine but if you want decent audio and a quick setup, you will want something like the iVlog1 video kit by Movo. It comes with all you need including a mic, light, tripod, lens and some other accessories. All you need to do is all the content!

How do you know your content is going to go viral? Well, you don’t. Some stuff hits the feelers and just takes off. More often than not, humor has a big part of it. Cats, babies or some raw talent will also do the trick. Take a look at Dude Perfect. They had the brilliant idea to record themselves doing trick shots. I’ve done it… just didn’t record it. One thing they have mastered is the art of the celebration after a make.

Getting back to the iVlog1 kit. It’s simple to setup up. Put your phone in the holder, attach and connect the mic, light and add-on lens if you want. I have the iPhone Pro Max, so the lens doesn’t do a whole lot for me. If you have a single camera phone, this might be of some use to you. Now you are ready to record and show the world your talent.

There is one thing I don’t like about this kit. It doesn’t have its own app so you will have to find one or just use your phone’s native recording app.

If you are ready to get to your viral video making and need to pick up this kit, buy it here for $129.95.