Got the new iPhone 12? Here’s how you can protect it in style

A man in a field by the ocean holding his iPhone 12 which is protected by a UAG case.
Credit: UAG

Maybe it’s a Christmas gift, maybe you are like me and have a birthday later in the year, maybe you just couldn’t resist the MagSafe and faster speeds. 

Regardless of the reason, if you are one of the masses that has ordered or is (still) waiting on an iPhone 12, you are probably also looking at what case to get. Yes, there are a few of you who prefer to live life on the wild side and resist the urge to protect your beloved phone. However, most of us prefer to find a case to swaddle our iPhones in — but not just any case. 

Here are a handful of the best cases I have found to date, whether you love or hate needing a new case, you have to admit — these cases are pretty stylish.

Nomad Rugged

This case met all of my expectations, and with Nomad, the expectations have grown to be pretty high. This case is rated to have a 10ft drop protection, and it has an internal shock absorption bumper. 

While I could go on and on about this case’s stats, what I truly love is how this case and wallet feel and look. The Horween leather that Nomad uses has worn even in one last month to look beautiful. Normally I am a freak about not having nicks and scratches, but with this leather, I have learned to love the blemishes. That’s part of what is so incredible about this rugged case, is that mine is truly unique! 

Further, this case is sturdy, yet still slim. For those who are as into MagSafe as I am, you will be pleased to hear that MagSafe works through this charger too. Nomad has put out a note saying that if you buy one of these cases, they will give you a 50% discount for a case perfectly designed for MagSafe in the future as well.


Calling all photographers — or any photography enthusiasts for that matter. Moment has put out a wonderfully protective case that works with all of their M-series mounting lenses. This case is gorgeous, has a 6ft drop protection, and also has an attachable wrist strap — perfect for taking photos with confidence knowing you won’t lose your iPhone. You can walk through a busy city with no fear of getting it stolen. Moment has yet again created a wonderfully protective and modular case that is perfect for avid photographers and us novices ones as well.


Perhaps you are looking for a slim and cheap case for your iPhone. Maybe you are looking for a little bit of style to accent your Space Grey, Silver, or Gold iPhone. One company you should absolutely check out is UAG — Urban Armor Gear.

I have had the opportunity to try out a handful of these cases and I have loved the diversity that UAG offers — all while maintaining quality. The Metropolis is perfect for carrying up to three cards within the folio. The Civilian and Anchor are great for those who are worried about having that extra drop protection while keeping the slim frame. The Lucent case was created with lightweight case lovers in mind.

While their Lucent case does not have the protection rating of their Civilian or Anchor models, it does show off your beautiful iPhone while giving some scratch protection. Finally — of the cases I have personally tried — the Mouve is a great in-between case for anyone who wants minimal protection while also having a unique translucent matte design to compliments your iPhone.

Lander Torrey

I’ve tested a lot of iPhone cases in my time. For Gearadical and beyond, I have tried just about everything out there. Lander was the first case I found that is designed to protect my phone against temperature swings. To make it even cooler, this case is made with plant-based plastics, has 100% recyclable packaging, and has a detachable lanyard that is made from Repreve recycled ocean plastics. I love the 10-foot drop protection and minimalist design as well as the reflective accents. Altogether, this is a great case with the added bonus of being sustainable.

Body Guardz Stack

Two-tone flair is the name of this case game. The case has a great two-toned back design and easy-to-grip edges. BodyGuardz states that there is 10-foot drop protection, as well as strong impact protection. This case is wonderful for those who want style and protection! 


Incipio has created a dual-layer case with a similar idea to what we are seeing with other cases. Minimalist but protective. Incipio has three great products I have tried. They have a Slim Case, which is great for those looking for a minimal case, and want to show off their iPhone. The Organicore Case is made of 100% compostable materials and still offers eight-foot drop protection. The Grip case has 14-foot drop protection and an extra grip on all of its edges helping me to keep a stronger hand on my iPhone.


Hello, minimalism. Peel is the classic branding-free case. The company believes that minimalism is not only beautiful but it is best. That is why they choose to make as thin of a case as possible, with only a bump out for protecting the camera. This case is not just thin, but remarkably thin — 0.35mm thin. If you want to stay minimal, thin, and branding free, Peel is a great place to look.


2020 has been a crazy year. Never before have I personally been so worried about germs. But now, more than ever, I am aware of germs everywhere. Aeris saw this problem and created a copper phone case. Since copper is naturally anti-pathogenic, it makes for the perfect phone case substance to deter germs. Not only that, but to make this company and product even better, they donate a case to a healthcare worker for every purchase made.

Twelvesouth BookBook 

One of the companies I have learned to keep an eye out for is Twelvesouth. They create incredibly unique products that always make me take a second look. The iPhone 12 BookBook vol. 2 is no different. This case makes your iPhone look like a small book, and allows for room for a few credit cards, some cash, and receipts. The iPhone shell is also magnetic, attaching to an inner shell. This allows you to keep your iPhone protected, even when you don’t want the full wallet.


Keebos is for those who never seem to have enough pockets for their iPhone. My wife for example, always asks for me to carry her phone for her. Now, with Keebos, you can carry your phone handsfree in a crossbody style, or as a necklace. There’s even a pouch for credit cards and cash. There are a ton of designs as well, allowing for your phone case to become an attractive accessory to your daily wardrobe.

Diamond Dog Screen Protector

We can read all the great specs about how the new iPhone is supposed to have glass that is a lot stronger than the last model. Even so, it feels wrong to carry around such a vital tool for my everyday life without protecting the glass. Diamond Dog has been a fantastic addition to my iPhone. Not only does it help protect the glass on your iPhone, but it adds high touch responsiveness, sweat repellent, and a lifetime warranty. (Available January 2021)