No sweat sleeping in these Cariloha Bamboo sheets

The Cariloha sheets on a bed in a beautiful room.
Credit: CARiLOHA

I’m a huge geek when it comes to products — as you can probably tell from all of the gadgets and technology I have reviewed on Gearadical.

I care a lot about quality gear and believing in whatever company that I support.

When I found the Cariloha company, I was intrigued that there could be technology-type enhancements involved in sheets.

My wife and I have a constant battle when it comes to regulating temperature. I am always too warm, she is always too cold. This spans not only our days but also our nights. She would prefer warmer temperatures for sleep but then I wake up sweating. Something we can always agree on is we love high-quality sheets on our bed.

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets are rated at twice the softness level and three degrees cooler than traditional cotton sheets. Additionally, this company produces them in a sustainable, renewable, and allergy-resistant fashion which I love to support.

The biggest advantage of these sheets that I noticed is the three-degree change. While I can’t verify that it is exactly three degrees cooler when I sleep, I can say that it is noticeably cooler than my typical sheets.

Only when I took my old sheets off did I remember that I have a nice mattress topper on my mattress. Immediately I thought there was no way these sheets would fit with a topper. However, I can happily say that I was wrong. These sheets fit wonderfully on my mattress even with a thick topper.

Cariloha has five different sheet styles, which gives buyers plenty of options for all different sleeping preferences and price points. They have Classic, Resort, Bamboo Soft, Resort Percale, and Aloha Soft-style sheets.

I have a son who is almost two now. While it seems impossible that he is that old, what is impossible at his age is a zero spill zone in our bed and subsequent bedding, especially when I occasionally let a toddler in it. Sadly, there have been a few spills in our bed, yet the bamboo sheets wash up easily, dry quickly, and still fit just as well after being washed a multitude of times.

If you need a cool sleeping advantage, three-degrees cooler to be exact, these high-quality, temperature regulating Cariloha Bamboo sheets are for you. I’m so glad I tried them, and I think you will be too.