Haven’t you tried these slip ons? Here’s why you might want to

You know how doctors are constantly telling you to wear shoes with more support? It’s because so many major problems stem from your feet. 

Think about it this way: You spend countless hours (whether you workout regularly or not) walking or standing on your feet. And depending on whether you’re flat footed or you have high arches (mine are the latter), means you need a specific type of support. 

Now if you’re thinking, I’ve heard all of this before, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m only recapping what I’ve heard from chiropractors and physical therapists in the past. Their point totally makes sense — your feet need to be well supported. 

That’s why I was super excited to find the Haven Slip On Sneaker by Bzees. This shoe is made out of the softest foam at the bottom (and everything is recycled, so bonus points for saving the environment). Just to be clear, these aren’t running shoes. While you could run a short distance in these and be totally fine, they are best for walking long distances or even wearing around the house. It’s super easy to slip them on and off (though I did end up using my hand to pull them on).  

The secret to how comfortable these shoes are is the Comfort Cone Gel. It’s designed to absorb shock and provide an extra layer of cushion, which makes these shoes feel like they cost way more than $79. The first day I put these foam clouds to the test, I walked eight miles in them. They were super supportive and I didn’t have any issues. 

When I flew home to visit my family, I took the slip-ons to show my mom. She has some foot problems lately and she’s an avid runner. Once she tried on Haven Slip Ons, she didn’t take them off. No, literally. I ended up giving them to her. My mom’s comment was, “I feel like I have better posture when wearing these. Make sure you write about that.” 

I’m thinking about getting another pair by Bzees just because they are so comfortable. If you want a walking shoe that’s easy to wear, check these out. Just don’t forget to buy mom a pair.