In the Robot Vacuum contest – Yeedi knocks Roomba out

The Yeedi Vac Station. This thing and I have become best friends for life. Want to know the way to a clean freaks heart? Buy them a Yeedi. It’s that simple. They will love you forever – at least that is what my wife tells me.

The side tables in my house might be dusty and it’s possible there is a cobweb or two to be found. But, my floors are clean. If I walk on crumbs on the floor, I curl my toes. If I can look across my wood floors and see cat hair, I am disgusted. Thus, my floor gets cleaned every day. I use some combination of brooms, vacuums, steam mops, and even scrubbing them on my hands and knees once a week. We have had a Roomba for years. This keeps the cat hair under control in our basement. We’ve been using a Yeedi on our main floor for awhile now and I’ve been satisfied. However, when Yeedi wanted to send me their latest and greatest, I was on board.

This Yeedi has some features our older model didn’t. We have always had the lower end models of robot vacuums because I didn’t think we needed one that self emptied or mapped my room. I am humble enough to say I was wrong. This Yeedi maps the floors. Why is this necessary? In one word: Efficiency. If the vacuum knows your floor plan, it will clean in a logical pattern. You won’t have a vacuum wandering around your room like it’s drunk and taking forever to cover every inch. The Yeedi takes the first three times or so to learn your floor plan and in the following cleanings it covers the space in a logical and efficient pattern.

Self-emptying is another feature this Yeedi offers. I’ve always been content to empty our robot vacuums but my honest confession is that I don’t do it often enough. I had a door-to-door vacuum salesman tell me once that vacuums shouldn’t ever be more than 30% full otherwise their suction power is less. Is this true? I don’t know. But I do know that the Yeedi empties when it needs to. I usually empty our Roomba when I begin to wonder why my floor isn’t clean after it runs around trying to clean. It’s then I realize the debris storage compartment is too full. With the Yeedi, this isn’t a problem.

Like its sister model before, this Yeedi also mops. Unlike its sister model before, it can vacuum and mop simultaneously, and this is a dream feature. I much prefer the mop pad design on the new Yeedi because it’s more stable and it’s easier to insert. Regardless of the new mop pad style, the mopping outcome is the same. My floors are noticeably cleaner after the Yeedi mops. It’s a great thing to use in the middle of your cleaning cycles when you don’t want to get out a big mop, or scrub by hand. Is it a deep clean? No – but it’s visibly clean. Does it clean up to most people’s standards? Yes.

If you have little kids crawling on your floors this vacuum is for you. If pet hair is an issue at your house buy this robot vacuum. If you simply like your floors to be clean with almost no effort  then the Yeedi will be an excellent investment.  It’s got a sleek design and it’s so quiet compared to other brands (still looking at you iRobot Roomba). You could run it while you sleep and not be bothered. The Yeedi’s profile is also low enough that it will fit underneath our couch and our beds. No more dust bunnies taking up permanent residence only to be discovered a year later and half an inch think. It’s like Yeedi to the rescue.

To say I’m happy with the Yeedi would be an understatement. It’s quiet, it cleans, and it takes care of itself. It’s almost like it’s the spouse we’ve always dreamed of. I joke, but I do really like this product. Buy one for your home and you’ll be satisfied as well.