Homer Explore Kits have helped my child explore, even in quarantine

A little girl playing with her Homer Explore Kit on her bed.
Credit: Homer

COVID-19 has been incredibly hard for all of us. Staying home, not seeing friends, parks are closed, and Netflix dropped The Office. All in all, we can say we are thrilled to see the end of 2020 and the beginning of a new year.

Amidst the chaos, I have found that this time has been remarkably hard for my toddler. During his developmental time growing to the age of two, he is stuck inside.

My wife and I have tried all we can to keep him entertained and learning.

When we found Homer Explore Kits we felt as though we had hit the jackpot! Each Explore Kit is a learning adventure, and there are three different kits to choose from. While these kits are designed for three to six-year-olds, kids of all ages can enjoy them!


First up, they have the Explore Letters Kit. This kit is incredible for early writing, language development, self-expression, learning letters, and sounds. My son absolutely loves the magnets, postcards and crayons this kit includes.


Secondly, Homer offers an Explore Numbers Kit. This kit helps build math confidence, helps with operations and manipulatives, as well as numbers and counting. My son loves to carry around the little wallet with fake credit cards and money.


Third and lastly, Homer’s Explore Feelings Kit is great at helping grow self-awareness, social skills, self-expression, and identifying feelings. This kit has multiple activity sets to help kids express themselves.

During regular life, teaching kids these things are important. During a worldwide pandemic and quarantine, these skills are vital and we can all use an extra boost to help teach our kids how to express feelings.

That is the beauty of Homer. While we as parents are thrilled with what all our kids are learning, our kids are thrilled to be playing games and with cool toys.

Another wonderful element that I think is helpful is that Homer offers a free trial of their Learn & Grow app for 30 days. So you are able to try out the Homer system, along with the hands-on learning bundle in order to help you determine if you and your little ones are as thrilled with the Homer Explore Kits as I am!