How to make it even harder for your kid to stop eating playdough

Kids playing with Dough Parlour's playdough.
Credit: Dough Parlour

I’ve heard it’s because of the salty taste, however I have never understood it. Kids everywhere love to eat playdough. Personally, at this phase in my life I could not imagine wanting to nibble on a fluorescent orange or muddy brown blob of amorphous goop called playdough — though I have been informed as a child this was common for me.

If your child already has a strong urge to consume this substance, you should probably stop reading — seriously. Because if you do not, you will end up buying this product just as I did and then find your child madly in love with something you have been trying to avoid.

When my wife first found Dough Parlour I thought it would be incredible to have an orange creamsicle scented playdough. Personally I loathe — and I mean despise — the smell of ordinary playdough. So why not have a good smelling playdough? Because it smells so good even I have a hard time not regressing to childhood and wanting to take a bite — that’s why.

Regardless of this one wonderfully unpredicted complication, my son has adored his Creativity Kit by Dough Parlour. He absolutely loves cutting out shapes with the included cutouts. He also even loves trying to roll out the dough with the pin. 

As mentioned, I have never liked the smell of playdough. I also hated the way it felt on my hands and how it stuck to everything. Dough Parlour is it’s own breed of this toy. I no longer hate the smell — rather I love it and find myself sniffing the different scents frequently. I also no longer find it sticking to the table, the cut outs, rolling pins, or under my son’s nails. 

Somehow, Dough Parlour has found a way to take all of my least favorite aspects of a wonderful pastime for children and made them all disappear.

Now, I love playing playdo… I mean Dough Parlour… with my son. I’ll even get in and join him instead of just supervising like I used to. Dough Parlour has helped turn a joy for my son into a joy for me as well.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids while learning from home, compensating from closed pools and shut-down playground sets, make sure to check out Dough Parlour.