You can take your gym and personal trainer anywhere with the Hyfit Gear 1

A man exercising using the Hyfit Gear 1 in his home.
Credit: Hyfit Gear 1

I joined Burn Boot Camp last December and really enjoyed working out with my friends there. Then COVID hit, and I was unable to go to my gym. I needed a way to work out but didn’t want to spend too much money. 

A friend told me about the Hyfit Gear 1 ($250) and suggested I try it. When it arrived, I was a little confused, so I searched for some instructional videos (don’t you just love YouTube?). What I found was that Hyfit has developed some Gear 1 Getting Started videos and posted them to YouTube. They were so very helpful.

Before getting into what I thought about the product, I’ll describe it. You will find two suspension bands with smart fitness sensors, wrist and ankle straps, wall anchor, door anchor, ergonomic handles, and a travel bag when you receive the box. Weighing 3.3 lbs, the Gear 1 has a battery life of 60 hours. Sensors are built into each band and measure different parameters throughout the user’s workout. This data is captured in the app in real-time so I can see my progress and results in measurable numbers.  

Gear 1 is truly a gym and personal trainer all in one. These resistance bands allowed me to work out anywhere in my house during quarantine, as it only takes a 6’x6’ space to use. The app was a very useful component to the exercise system. 

Hyfit’s personal trainers have developed fun, action-packed workouts and training plans that can be personalized to my needs. There are both live and pre-recorded workouts, which I found fantastic. I liked that there were several different programs on the app (getting started, strength, HIIT and cardio, weight loss, etc.) and videos of specific exercises.

After a few weeks of using the Gear 1, I felt stronger. However, I missed my gym and my friends. I’m not sure I will use the Gear 1 exclusively, but I plan to take it with me on my work travels. I don’t enjoy using hotel workout rooms, so this will give me the workout I want when I’m not home. If you’re looking for a new way to work out, I strongly suggest you consider the Hyfit Gear 1.