I almost gave up trying to clean my outdoor pool until I used the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li

Water Tech Pool Blaster cleaning pool outdoor
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There’s nothing more refreshing than jumping into an outdoor pool when it’s so hot outside. My family and I love using an Intex pool in the summer to keep cool. 

Unfortunately, green particles and debris started accumulating along the bottom of the pool. So we might have over-used it — neighbors, friends, siblings — but no one wanted the pool season to end just yet. 

Our pool runs on saltwater instead of chlorine. Even though I was keeping up on adding salt and covering the pool regularly, the debris at the bottom continued to grow. I even tried wiping down the sides with a sponge to see if I could collect any of the slime. Nothing worked. 

The pool started to look so bad that I thought it needed new water, which would take at least a week to refill. The bottom looked so dirty that you could see piles of black stuff (really not sure what else to call it!) growing. My boyfriend even joked that pretty soon there’d be fish swimming around. 

Instead of giving up and emptying the pool entirely, I thought it’d be worth it to try using a pool vacuum. I tested out the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li, and the Pool Blaster Catfish Li Ultra as one final Hail Mary. These vacuums are built to pick up fine particles. I was astonished by the results. 

Both vacuums picked up the black debris along the bottom of the pool — while the Pool Blaster Max has a little more power than the Catfish, both did an excellent job at cleaning the scum from the bottom. These vacuums are cordless, super easy to operate, and they have a built-in filter you can empty whenever you need to. I could see the line of “clean” wherever the vacuum went. 

If you’re planning to try these vacuums and your pool is extremely dirty, be patient. Since my pool was already so dirty, it took a couple days of vacuuming for it to look brand-new. 

After cleaning the pool, the water itself was still foggy. However, this wasn’t the vacuum’s fault — the dirt particles were actually algae. To make the pool crystal clear, it needed to be “shocked” with a chemical that kills whatever might still be in the water. 

Pool shock isn’t too expensive (you can find it for around $30), and it really did the trick. With the vacuums to clean the bottom and the shock to clear the water, my Intex pool is back to being ready to use. Now everyone is using the pool again. On that note, I think I’ll head outside to join them. Try the Water Tech pool Blaster Max Li today.

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  1. Thank you! I have been looking for a hand-held, underwater vacuum solution for my pool and this sounds like a great solution. I like that it’s battery-operated so you don’t need to worry about hoses and cords. Very convenient!

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