I felt like Lara Croft while wearing these boots

A girl wearing her Blundstone Boots as she sits on a bright red picnic table.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is this: always dress your best no matter where you’re going. Sometimes, I roll my eyes at that–and then I usually run into an old friend at the gas station while wearing my 8th-grade sweatpants that somehow still fit. Yikes. 

But recently Blundstone Boots has introduced me to an entirely different casual look (fit for running into anyone anywhere). Blundstone is an Australian company based in Tasmania that has been producing shoes since 1850 and even supplied boots to Australian soldiers during World War I and II. The history alone is enough to buy a pair for posterity. One thing is for sure, Blundstone knows how to make a killer boot. 

In general, all Blundstone Boots are quite sleek looking, but #1448 was my personal favorite. I received the women’s boot #1448 a high top style in the color Voltan Black which retails for $199.95. Online they advertise this boot as being lightweight, water-resistant, and very grippy for slippery conditions. 

When I opened up the box, I could hardly believe the quality of these boots! My first impression was definitely how sturdy and strong they were. The sole was solid and felt comparable to a RedWing work boot. The genuine leather was scratch and scuff resistant and the stitching on the sides was quite durable. On the top side of the boot, a strong elastic material holds the boot together but also allows the individual to slip their foot in. My favorite feature of these boots is that they are laceless. Oftentimes I find that laced-up boots can get caught up on surfaces or untie easily. 

Once I slipped them on, I took a walk around my house to see how they felt. The soles are definitely a little flatter than I was expecting, but still gave enough support for a boot. I would definitely consider these boots as more of a spring/fall staple as they go better with jeans or dress pants. As fantastic as these boots are, they are a bit difficult to get on. I sat in my kitchen and struggled a bit to slip them over the middle of my foot and my ankles because of how tight the elastic is. However, once they are on they fit very snugly and comfortably. 

After I wore them around a bit, I decided to do some outdoor testing. As for their waterproof ability, I would give them a 9/10 rating. The only area on the boot that is not waterproof is the elastic material on the sides. But I can confidently say that while wearing them as I stood in my dog’s plastic pool, my feet stayed dry the entire time. While they may not be rain boots, they certainly repel water well! The leather does not seem to be affected by water either. 

Blundstone also advertised that these boots gripped well on slippery surfaces. In order to test this out, I shuffled around on wet bricks and ran down a muddy hill in my backyard. Other than a few awkward stares from the neighbors, I found that these boots stood up to their non-slip advertising. I would definitely wear these while walking on slippery hiking trails or near a river. 

If you choose to invest in a pair of Blundstone boots, I would recommend ordering them a half size bigger for the tight elastic ankle alone (even Blundstone recommends that too if you desire a wider fit). The wearer should definitely consider thick socks alongside these boots, as the sturdy inside can feel a little bit hard while wearing anklet socks. 

Overall, wearing these boots from Blundstone made me feel like a boss. I loved the matte black color alongside the shape and durability. If I chose to go hiking on a slippery trail, I know without a doubt that they would grip well and my feet would stay dry on the inside.