Serious outdoorsman, your knife is here

person lying inside tent ready to use his Victoinox Hunter Multitool when camping.

The heavy-duty Victorinox Hunter Multitool has outdoor enthusiasts covered for a wide variety of outdoor adventures – hunting, fishing, or whatever comes your way. This little knife is not designed for everyday carry unless your everyday world is outdoor adventure.

I’m a weekend outdoorsman, fisherman, and quasi-lumberjack… when I have time. The 5-acre property I escape to is a fishing and outdoorsman’s haven and is currently a bit too far away in my book. But nonetheless, I relish time spent in the woods and I always go prepared for the unexpected.  

This heavy-duty pocket knife’s 12 functions serve me well in a very compact size that fits well in my pocket and is a bit too heavy to carry around on a daily basis. The short serrated blade on this knife is brilliant, handy, and very sharp. The main blade is right-sized for opening boxes and other typical pocket knife uses and has a very durable finish. The short blade on the back was nearly undetectable but proved handy for cutting fishing line while out on the water (even if it was a bit hard to extract from the shell).  The serrated saw looks like something out of a slasher film – and was a bit overkill for this weekend warrior’s adventures, but I can see its tremendous value for a game hunter. The tweezers are helpful, and the color (grey) stands out in contrast to the white pick on the opposing side.  

Overall, this is a fantastic knife for the outdoorsman, fisherman, or tradesman (or anything else that ends with …man). What’s missing?  In the abundance of knife blades (4 including the saw), there are no scissors, nor is there a Phillips head screwdriver.  While these may not be critical for all outdoor adventures, they would be nice additions in my book.