I hated the way my water tasted

Around 6 months ago I started to not like the taste of my filtered water from my refrigerator. I had heard about Clearly Filtered Pitchers and they seemed the most familiar to me because I have used filtered pitchers in the past. That is why I chose them to quickly fix my issue. I had no interest in trying to research a new full house water filtration system. 

Clearly Filtered’s website was easy to understand. They have a few other options to have filtered water besides just a pitcher such as a personal water bottle, under the sink system and refrigerator. Being very pregnant at the time and not wanting to figure out how to install something in my refrigerator I bought the pitcher. 

I have been loving it. I noticed the taste difference right away, if you’re picky or sensitive to how water tastes, from a fellow picky water drinker, you won’t be disappointed

Some Highlights:

  • It comes with a filter and you can choose a few different options on getting a new filter every few months. Personally, I chose every 4 months. 
  • Only pitcher independently tested to NSF standards 42, 53, 244, 401 & 473.
  • Removes Fluoride, Lead, BPA, Glyphosate, PFOAs, Hormones & over 365 of the most harmful tap water impurities.
  • Retains the natural minerals & nutrients found in the water.
  • 100% BPA/BPS-Free medical-grade Tritan materials.
  • It holds 80oz of water, 10 cups.

This pitcher would be great to travel with! Just fill it up with the hotel bathroom sink water and you have the confidence it’s safe to drink!

If you get the subscription for the filters you’ll get a nice email reminding you that it’s on its way when shipped. When I received that I totally forgot, so nice and needed in my life to have that subscription to ensure my water is safe.

If I could give it a con it would be that the lid falls off easily, I wish it attached better to the top. But it’s truly not a big deal, I just use my finger to keep it shut while pouring it. The design of the pitcher is easy for you to hold and pour, the filter itself is sturdy and won’t fall out. 

When it comes to the water you drink daily it is worth the splurge with the amount of toxins it filters from just a water pitcher.