I have been on cloud nine wearing these athletic shoes

It’s really hard to find a pair of athletic shoes that can stand the test of time spent wearing them and as well as keeping up with fashion trends. I recently gave the On Running Cloudswift training shoes a try and I can honestly say I am so impressed.

I jumped in with both feet trying out these shoes as my main pair of shoes for a week long trip to Walt Disney World. If you have been to Disney, you know the amount of walking, standing, and chasing toddlers around that is involved from sun up to sun down and beyond. I was a little nervous to commit to a shoe for a 12+ mile per day adventure, but the On Running Cloudswift shoe gave me nothing but support the entire week.

I went up a half size when I ordered because I generally like my athletic shoe to have some room. I will say that the Cloudswift was true to size so going up a half size was just the right fit for my preference.

One of the reasons this athletic shoe is so comfortable is that the Cloudswift was designed with repositioned CloudTec in Helion superfoam. This made it so each step felt a little lighter and I felt less impact. The outsole on the Cloudswift also helped my foot begin each step easier than some of the clunkier athletic shoes I have tried in the past. Overall the shoe itself felt lightweight and made my steps less strenuous.

When I first put them on I was slightly nervous about the side of my foot being supported due to the slightly lower sides than what I have been used to, but it thankfully never proved to be an issue.

The color I chose was the Glacier White. I like that the Cloudswift has several color options if you’re feeling extra adventurous or prefer a neutral that matches anything. With being at Disney for a week and a mom of two kids, my white shoes have taken some hits. However, the recycled engineered mesh upper and the new rubber grip pads were very easy to clean. Not only were the rubber grip pads easy to clean but they had excellent traction for the few torrential downpours we found ourselves in.

Overall, I would recommend the womens On Running Cloudswift athletic shoe. They checked all the boxes of functionality, fashion, durability and unless there’s a shoe out there that can also fold my laundry, I can’t imagine a better athletic shoe.