Nike just engineered the future of shoes

Could the Nike Go FlyEase be the future standard for sneakers? If you haven’t seen it yet, the Nike Go FlyEase is a hands free shoe that closes a shoe on a user’s foot through bistable hinge technology. Watch the video here. 

This is the first shoe off Nike’s line to incorporate innovative hands free technology in the form of a hinge, and it shows great potential for the future of all shoes. 

On April 30th, GOAT plans to release three different variations of the Nike Go FlyEase for public purchase. However, snatching up a pair of these shoes will cost you a pretty penny. These shoes come in at a whopping 200 to 391 dollars for one pair! 

But besides the cost, these sneakers could be the start of something revolutionary. Imagine slipping your shoes on without the awkward shuffle or that annoying piece on the back that always bends under the heel. Think about never tying your shoes again.

The implications this could have on sport shoes might also change the history of fashion. Soccer cleats would never come untied in a game, and individuals would never trip over the laces of their basketball shoes again! 

Most of all, the impact this could have on children’s shoes would be life changing. Everyone who has kids or has watched someone else’s kids knows that it’s nearly impossible to put a shoe on a squirming child. (Check out our Stride Rite shoe review to read about another kid’s shoe that easily goes on and off.) 

Ultimately, the bistable hinge technology in future shoes could pave the way for simple technology within footwear that saves the user time and energy.