I hear a funny snort every day thanks to this high-tech digital frame

The Simply SmartHome PhotoShare Smart Frame on a decorative table as it displays a large family photo.
Credit: Simply SmartHome

I always laugh when I hear a funny snort sound coming from a digital frame sitting near my desk. A family member named Finn recorded one, so I could hear him on the frame, a combination of a frog burp and maybe Peppa Pig with a cold.

The crazy thing is, I never even had to record the video myself, load it on my phone, or worry about whether I had enough storage. The digital frame is so useful and easy for photo and video sharing that I plan to buy a couple more of them eventually.

The Simply SmartHome PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame 10.1-inch Espresso is a delight to use. It works with an app, so you don’t have to ever touch the frame itself to load photos and videos. Hundreds of miles away, a second user had one who could load up photos that then appear on my frame. It was awesome because, each day, I didn’t know what to expect if there would be some new photos. I could also send photos her way, all from my phone.

Setup was remarkably easy. I had the digital frame up and running within about 10 minutes after creating an account and then syncing to the remote frame.

The frame looks stylish and trendy with an “espresso” color and matte finish. At 10.1-inches, it is about the right size to sit right next to you at a desk where you can glance over at the digital screen and not feel like it is too big and overwhelms your office.

The color quality is nice and clear, and I wouldn’t want it to be much brighter. With a product like this, you have to balance the overall process point under $200 with the quality. Choose a high-end OLED model with all of the bells and whistles, and it might cost north of $500. I’d rather pay $170 for this frame and maybe get two or three of them, all showing photos from the remote app than have one higher-end model I only see in my office.

You can send up to 50 photos at once with the app. The frame itself weighs 1.6 pounds. The 8GB of internal storage can hold about 5,000 images, but you can also expand that with your own SD card or a USB drive. I can’t imagine needing to expand the storage.

Someday I’d like to try the 14-inch model that only costs a bit more (only $20 more). There’s also an 8-inch model that costs $115. I’m impressed by the overall quality and functionality. I look forward to that funny snort sound each day.