I never thought I’d want my son to wear his [Owlet] sock(s) to bed

A baby wearing an Owlet Smart Sock on its foot.
Credit: Owlet

My wife and I have a nightly bedtime routine for our son. At one and a half years old, he has experienced a very similar routine every night of his life. That is, until we got the Owlet Smart Sock. This handy little strap on the ankle is comfortable and looks more like my old ankle brace than a sock. 

My son can’t quite make out the word he wants to yet, but he claps and says “Owlet” every time he gets ready for a nap or bedtime. I have never seen one kid so excited for a nap.

Not only is this third generation smart sock by Owlet a new excitement for my son, but my wife and I love it as well. We find ourselves saying repeatedly how, if we had this when he was first born, it would have relieved a lot of worry.

Owlet has found a way to fit an incredible amount of health-tracking technology into something small and comfortable for infants. My wife and I can sleep easy knowing that our Owlet Smart Sock is monitoring our son’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep trends. If the sock recognizes unsafe oxygen level or heart rate levels, the base station on my wife’s bedside table lights up and alarms. Additionally, the companion app will notify us regardless of where we are in the world.

The Owlet app is easy for us to set up and use. In the morning we can see a summary of the night, including what my baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels were, and his sleep time.

Personally, and I know my wife would say the same, our Owlet Smart Sock has helped us sleep better. We are no longer worried about his safety, and are confident that we will be notified in case of an emergency. 

The peace of mind that Owlet has brought us is truly remarkable. I can say with all certainty,that we will be using Owlet with our future children as well. We’re excited to utilize this type of technology much earlier in the life of a child. Owlet, from my family to yours, thank you.

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