The diaper bag that thinks of everything (because you have enough on your mind)

The Dagne Dover Diaper bag being used by a father and his child.
Credit: Dagne Dover

Finding the perfect diaper bag seems like an incredibly daunting task. Some are great for travel, others for carrying just diapers, some for carrying snacks. Out of these, few are attractive to both my wife and me. Dagne Dover finds a way to create the impossible. The Indi Diaper Backpack shocks me — it thinks of everything before I do.  It keeps my family and I prepared for whatever 2020 throws at us.

While there is nothing negative about this bag, below are a handful of the reasons why I truly love this diaper bag/diaper backpack.


Hidden within the sleek profile of the Indi Diaper Backpack is a multitude of accessories that are ready to tackle anything. Here are a few of my favorite features in this bag. First, though I have not needed to try out the changing mat on my own, it is actually comfortable — compared to most of the thin changing pads I’ve seen. While the average changing pad is simply a barrier between your child and the ground, I love that the mat Dagne Dover has included has some padding as well. Inside the diaper bag, there is an incredible amount of thoughtful organization. There is an insulated bottle holder for keeping beverages upright while inside the bag. There is also a water-resistant washable zipper bag used for dirty clothes, dirty diapers, wet shoes, you name it. My wife and I used to keep a backup ziplock bag (or seven) for this purpose, however now that our diaper bag has integrated this into the bag, we keep the ziplocks for normal uses. There are two key rings attached to the interior designed for me to put my keys on, or my son’s pacifier. The Indi Diaper Backpack also has a multitude of interior pockets, ranging from a laptop sleeve to interior gusset slip pockets and mesh pockets of different sizes that organize anything you may need. This is all done while still leaving space for a change of clothes, some toys, and a book or two. Last but not least, I have learned to truly love the little scout pouch that is included. This is where I put a portable charger, sound machine charger, and miscellaneous other cables that I don’t want to get damaged or lost in the bag.


My family and I go on a lot of walks. Though sometimes we end up steering an empty stroller pushed by my son (who the stroller is for in the first place), we love that the diaper bag is slim enough to fit under the stroller, or can attach to the handle with the included stroller straps. Having the freedom to put other things in the below stroller storage when needed has been a huge bonus for us as well.

Recently we took a trip to see some family. Historically I have carried my backpack on my back, and my son’s diaper bag on my front, with checked bags in either arm. Now, I can easily (and securely) slide it onto the handle of a suitcase. Last but not least, there are easy-to-use zippers all along this bag. This allows for easy one-handed use in every scenario. 


When my wife was first trying to pick a diaper bag for us, I was shocked at how many were done in incredibly loud colors or prints. I told my wife that I would never wear, carry, or use many of those out in public. With the Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Bag, I feel differently. I truly don’t mind strapping this on my back for a trip to the zoo, walk in the park, or a grocery run. It’s comfortable, slim, and (since we got the Heather Grey color) a great color even I enjoy.

If you’re in the market for a new diaper bag (or bag upgrade) check out the Indi Diaper Backpack by Dange Dover before you make your final decision — you won’t regret it.

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