I’ll keep the light on for ya…even in a blackout

In the Northwoods, the power can go out at any time. We have yet to purchase a generator (we’re getting there!) so if the power goes out, so do our lights. Flashlights are good to have around, of course, but wouldn’t it be great if we could have lamps that just turn on if the lights go out? Ones that don’t depend on solar energy, I mean. Well, guess what? There are those types of lights! inPOWERED Lights are a woman-owned business that focuses on creating modern lamps with added abilities that make life easier. Not quite sure what I would think about the lamp, I bought one, the Lamp Angel ($60). 

Let me tell you; I am happy I bought this lamp! It has a high-quality acrylic base and stylish lampshade, and it also has a USB port that works even if the electricity is out! Once fully charged, it can provide 16-24 hours of continuous light. The lightbulb that comes with the lamp stays cool to the touch and lasts for over 50,000 hours. Now, if you somehow use the bulb long enough to burn out, I’m not sure where you get another one. I didn’t see that product on their website. So, that’s a downer. On the other hand, this lamp also has fun color-changing LEDs in the base that can be controlled with the remote control, or you can use the smartphone integration so you can operate it from your phone.

If you’re looking for a fashionable lamp that pulls its weight, provides power when you need it, and can even turn up the fun level, look no further. The ladies at inPOWERED Light have you covered!