Comfortable and luxurious sheets on a budget

I used to be a “cold sleeper.” I would need all the blankets, and I’d cuddle up like a cocoon. Not anymore. Now, for some reason, my body has decided that it is a good idea to sweat in the night. TMI? Maybe, but there’s a reason I’m sharing this. I needed good sheets that wouldn’t make me hot. I hate waking up sweating or damp from being too hot. Sheets can make a huge difference. For my birthday this year, my family bought me some Brooklinen sheets for our king-size bed ($179), but I needed another set and just didn’t want to fork out the nearly $200. 

It’s a good thing Pizuna Linens makes affordable, soft sheets! I decided to go with the 400 thread count (regularly $120 now on sale for $48) for our king-size bed. Made with “long-staple combed cotton,” these sheets are exactly what I was looking for. They are lightweight, breathable, and so comfortable. Even better, they’re sweat-wicking and temperature balancing! My husband has made half a dozen comments about how comfortable and soft these sheets are. I especially appreciate the oversized flat sheet and deep pocket of the fitted sheet. So many of our other sheets wiggle their way off our thick mattress, but not these! They stay put. 

These linens are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100. What does that mean? The fabric is safe and free from chemicals. They also only use sustainably sourced, natural 100% long-staple cotton; better for me (and you!) and the environment.

With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, all you’d have to do if you were unsatisfied with the durability and quality of the sheets is email their customer care department. They assure you that your concern will be addressed in 24 hours. That sounds like some excellent service to me!

I typically make sure I include something I don’t like about a product I’m reviewing, but I have yet to find something that would fall into this category. I suppose I could say that I wish the linens were thicker to cover the black stripe around my pillow. However, I am the one who chose the 400-count white linens, so I think that’s more on me than it is on the sheet set!  If you’re looking for a comfortable yet affordable sheet set, I suggest you grab some Pizuna Linens!