Is this German-made premium water gun worth its $179.00 price tag? I tested the SpryaThree to find out

As the evenings get longer and the days get warmer, Gearadical is sure to cover the latest summertime products. From sunglasses to camping gear to water guns. Water guns? Yep, we tested it.

German tech company Spyra specializes in one thing, water guns. However, not just any water guns. They specialize in battery-powered, USB-C rechargeable, high-pressure, long range weapons of water war. A few years ago, Spyra released their first water gun, SpyraOne. Since then, they have released its successors the SpyraLX, SpyraTwo, and the product I tested, SpyraThree.

So, is this nearly $200 water gun with all the bells and whistles worth the hype? A few soaks later, I tested it and found out.

$179.00 SpyraThree Blue

Design and Features

The SpyraThree makes all the right design choices for a premium water gun. It has a secure and hefty weight to it weighing about seven pounds on a full tank. The water gun also feels firm with a textured grip handle. I appreciated the heavier weight to this toy and it felt great in the hand as an adult yet wouldn’t be too heavy for a child to enjoy.

The water gun features an “Auto Reload” tank that quickly refills the tank. By sliding the trigger forward the pump engages and the water moves up the gun. From empty, reloads took me about 15 seconds. The refill mechanic also includes a filter to sift through minerals and debris. I purposely refilled the gun in some grimy water full of dirt and debris and it operated perfectly fine. So if you’re wanting to take this toy along to the cabin and use at the lake, from my testing you should be covered.

As you reload, the water gun’s digital display indicates the tank’s rising water levels. As you blast water from the gun, the digital display indicates the remaining water ammunition. For my fellow gamers out there, the display indicator on the SpyraThree reminded me of the Xbox first-person shooter video game series: Halo and it’s weapon’s ammunition indicator (see below).

SpyraThree “Tactical Display” compared to the Halo Reach MA5D default weapon (nerdy I know).

The SpyraThree also features an exclusive “Modi Slider” which lets the user control how the water is shot. Offering three modes: Open, Burst, and League. “Open” mode shoots a semi-automatic water spray. “Burst” mode shoots three consecutive water blasts with each pull of the trigger. Lastly, “League” mode is similar to Open mode, but offers a charged “PowerShot” that shoots even larger water blasts with additional range.

Capability and Performance

As a noted fanatic of USB-C, the SpyraThree made me happy by offering a sealable charging port to it’s 2000 mAh battery on the bottom of the handle. The device charged to full in less than an hour. A full charge has gotten me dozens of refills and water blasts. A full charge should be all you need for an afternoon of play.

While it offers quick refills, my biggest complaint with the SpyraThree is tank size. With a capacity of 25 fl oz (about the size of a bottle of soda) the tank runs dry pretty quickly. It takes about 20 normal powered shots to empty it and about six “PowerShot” blasts before a refill. When you’re in a “water war” and having fun, nobody wants to pause to refill their blaster. In a future model, I would love to see Spyra feature a much larger water tank.

Spyra claims A normal “Open” mode water blast shoots about 10 meters (about 32 feet). From my testing I would say that is a bit generous in that the majority of the water does not shoot more than 30 feet. In “League” mode, Spyra claims a PowerShot shoots about 15 meters (just under 50 feet). Again, I would say this number is a bit exaggerated and that it shoots closer to 40 feet. Still an impressive range for a water gun, but not quite as advertised.

The SpyraThree does pack power with each water blast however it is not painful. Fun for all ages and safe for most. Even a close range “PowerShot” will pack a punch but won’t leave a mark from my testing. Refer to Spyra’s official instruction manual for proper safety guidelines.

All in all, the SpyraThree is a high-performing water gun with a few limitations I would love to see improved upon in future models.


It’s always fun to see when brands dream big and think outside the status quo of what a familiar product is and can be. The SpyraThree does just that by taking a childhood, summertime classic, and innovating beyond it with cutting edge technology.

While the SpyraThree is sure to offer fun for the times it’s used, it is still a toy. At $179.00 USD, it’s an expensive toy. Would I recommend this product? If you’re looking for the best possible water gun on the market and you’re still a kid at heart, yes this one’s for you. However for most people, I would say this water gun is one of those cool products you see on Instagram or Youtube that looks like a ton of fun but also probably isn’t worth dropping a lot of cash on. Either way, Spyra made a fascinating product that innovates above and beyond any previous water gun on the market.

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