Koo Cosmo Sunglasses review: Venture out with vibrant vision

Summer is here and so it is time for sun(glasses)! Koo is known for making killer shades. When it comes to eye wear Koo primarily specializes in hard-core cycling. However, the Koo Cosmo model combines lifestyle looks with amazing lenses.


The clarity of the Koo Cosmo sunglasses is startling. For a few moments I question if there is an actual lens or if I am just looking through a lens-less frame. I take them off to double check. Sure enough, they are there. I put them back on and have the same surreal experience. It is almost trippy. These are easily the clearest lenses I have ever looked through.

Photo Credit: Koo

This is because the Cosmo sunglasses have Zeiss Polycarbonate lenses for an outstanding vision experience. For those that need additional shade, the Cosmos Black frames feature Zeiss Polarized Lenses for glare avoidance. These lenses offer 100% UV protection with a frame that is versatile enough for everyday activities.


The Cosmo sunglass frames are sleek and come in a variety of offerings. With seven unique color choices you are sure to find a pair perfect for you. They have a built-in grippy nosepiece and temple pad to keep them secure and in place. While they aren’t designed for extreme action, they will handle most light summer activities.

The Cosmo frames (made from Grilamid) are light and flexible. Grilamid is a high-performance polyamide developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The long-term resistance to UV degradation makes it a revolutionary new transparent plastic with exceptional properties.

Photo Credit: Koo

My one complaint is that the temple arms rest on the ear more so than gripping the temples. Overall, this is in line with the Cosmo sunglass’ lean towards more of a lifestyle design than the traditional sport aesthetic sunglasses. For me this is more of a fit preference than a performance or style issue.


Crafted in Italy, the Koo Cosmo is perfect for the outdoor addict that wants a stylish pair of sunnies. They are light, flexible, and chic. They have amazing vision and provide 100% UV protection. Truly a wonderful pair of sunglasses for anyone wanting to both play and look fashionable. Additionally, they function well for light to moderate activity. Overall, the Koo Cosmo sunglasses are ideal for outdoor life enthusiasts who want to look great while out on the water, golf course, or road.

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