It took 15 prototypes to create this high-end messenger bag

Companies that create your “everyday carry” laptop bag probably don’t go to the lengths that Nomatic went to. Their wonderful Messenger Bag is durable, water-resistant, and ready for anything. 

After 15 prototypes, it also has so many cool features it’s hard to know where to start.

I would say my favorite is the magnetic clips for the shoulder strap. It took me a while to get used to how they work, but once you know the trick, the strap is easy to adjust, remove, and use. 

Inside are so many compartments I found myself having to think about which one I used, but once you get into a flow of using the same one for your AirPods or a back-up battery pack, the extra padding and secure zippers make it easy and slick.

I dropped the bag once, so I found out about its durability really quick. I panicked and checked my laptop, and it seemed totally fine. 

You can tell this is not a cheap bag. Everything feels solid and protected, so if you have an expensive laptop, the worry is less.

I really liked the TSA-approved compartment for the laptop as well. You can quickly open your bag, remove the laptop, slip it back inside, or if you are lucky just show the laptop with the bag spread wide open and no one has to think twice. The inner laptop sleeve means you can protect your laptop and remove it easily in one simple tug.

What else? I have to say, the top compartment has a slot for glasses and keys that is easy to find, and I ended up liking the bag even more because of this over my normal laptop bag. Inside, there’s a cloth material to protect glasses and other delicate items.

Nomatic obviously thought of everything with this bag, and when I found out they tested so many versions, it all makes sense. The zippers are tougher and will last longer than most, likely because they put them through a few tests. I’d like to see what the first bags looked like because this one seems like it is based on some serious usability testing.

The bag weighs just under four pounds,m so it is lighter than my normal bag. It holds 15 liters of gear — in America, that means nothing to me but I can say that I took two laptops, headphones, a notebook, two books, and a few other cables and had plenty of room to spare.

When you find a product you love, there’s no going back. It was fun to use this bag for my daily commute and at coffee-shops, and a few people even asked what brand it is.

Here’s hoping I don’t drop it again!