This fountain pen helped me write notes for an entire book

There are times when I really need to get off of my computer and phone. 

It’s usually in the morning when I wake up. Instead of reaching for my phone, I tend to want to “go analog” with a journal first. (I’ve even written a book about how to be productive without relying so much on technology.) 

Lately, I’ve also reached for an amazing new fountain pen called the Faber-Castell Hexo. I’m so impressed with the quality that I don’t plan on writing with anything else.

It all starts with the smooth writing operation. I’ve used other fountain pens, but this one glides smoother without the stuttering, scratchy feel from lesser pens.

For me, I am always taking notes because I want to remember what I’m reading and I might use the notes in another book someday. I also tend to include quotes on my social media feeds from other authors. And then there’s just the everyday thoughts and notations I make, ideas about how to prepare for work or what I learned during the day. In short, I’m always writing.

The Hexo feels solid and durable, which is helpful because I tend to drop things, shove them into laptop bags, and generally just abuse my gadgets. After 20 years of testing products and reviewing them, I’ve become a bit cavalier even about my phone.

The best thing about a fountain pen, though, is that you can replace the ink. I have now bought a couple of six-packs off Amazon for the pen and I keep on writing, using the same utensil I’m used to and with no worries about running low on ink.

The Hexo comes packaged in a gift box, which is nice. My only complaint is that, for some readers, the $42 price might seem like a lot. I get it. Pens at Target costs $5 or less. I’m here to say it;s worth it because of how enjoyable it is to write, and then you can keep on going with replacement packs. They cost about $7 for six cartridges.

I say, go for it — try out the pen and see if you write in a journal more often and enjoy the process. I’m living proof — I took notes for an entire book with one.