Jabra Evolve 75e is the ultimate all-around headphones

The first time I connected the Jabra Evolve 75e wireless earbuds to my phone, the music was blasting at full volume.

Credit: Jabra

I’m very fortunate my smartphone isn’t cracked.

The first time I connected the Jabra Evolve 75e wireless earbuds to my phone, the music was blasting at full volume. The immediate punch of bass made me flinch so severely, my phone catapulted out of my hands and onto the floor. 

As I retrieved my phone, I knew right away I was hooked on these earbuds.

I quickly found that the Jabra Evolve 75e earbuds will excel in whatever you need them to do — they’re optimally designed for both the office and the gym. The neckband is made of silicone rubber, which comfortably sits on your neck and shoulders. This helps with making phone calls in the office, as the microphone is always comfortably close. It also helps with exercise, as the strap won’t bounce around when you’re on a run. When I tested these out on a jog, I was incredibly impressed with the fit of the neckband. I almost forgot it was there.

Making phone calls on these earbuds was ridiculously easy and the microphone quality is outstanding. These earbuds are fully capable of replacing headsets and all other office headphones. Additionally, the battery life of these headphones is 14 hours, meaning you can listen to music and make calls all day long.

Another great office feature of these earbuds is that they come with a USB dongle you can connect right to your computer. The connection is incredibly easy — all you have to do is plug the dongle in, turn on the earbuds, and you’re connected just like that. The earbuds can connect both to a device via Bluetooth and to another device with the USB dongle. I discovered this when I was watching a video on my computer and I got a call on my smartphone — the earbuds paused my video, executed the phone call, then continued playing the video on my laptop once I ended the call.

My favorite thing about the Jabra Evolve 75e earbuds is their music capabilities. I love listening to music at near migraine-inducingly high volumes, no matter what I’m doing. As a result, I’m usually never satisfied with the maximum volume and bass capacity of earbuds — but I’m more than happy with these. At full volume, your Metallica playlist will be nearly skull-shattering. This is perfect for that extra energy boost you need when you’re exercising. Every level of volume in between provides a nice, crisp sound, and a more perfectly balanced equalization than any other earphones I’ve tried.

Fittability is not something you need to fret about with these earbuds. The earbuds come with three different sizes of buds and three different sizes of “ear wings” (the piece that fits into the top of your ear to help it stay in). It’s incredibly easy to customize the size of the earbuds so you will always have a perfect fit.

The Jabra Evolve 75e earbuds have a noise-canceling function you can toggle on or off. To test this feature, I put the buds in while I played on my box drum, which is loud enough to be heard from anywhere in my house even if the door to the room is shut. While the earbuds did not completely block the sound of my drum, they did significantly reduce it — a significant feat given the sheer volume of the drum. So while the earbuds do not have complete noise cancellation, they’re still effective for reducing outside noise.

Overall, the Jabra Evolve 75e wireless earbuds are my new go-to for productivity. The volume capacity, comfortable fit, long battery life, and noise cancellation (well, almost) are exactly what I need for my workouts and for work. These earbuds will revolutionize office headsets while simultaneously becoming a necessity for the gym.