5 amazing laptops every stay-at-home worker needs

Credit: Microsoft

Times are tough right now. With the coronavirus outbreak in full force, many of us are hunkering down in our homes. For those who have a home office, you know the one piece of gear that is more important than any other — the one that makes all of the difference in terms of your productivity — is a laptop. Whether you connect these models to a monitor, carry it around from one room to another, or play Fortnite after work hours, they will meet your needs.

1. Dell XPS 13 9380 ($1,383)

This powerful business laptop — the latest model for this year — uses a super-fast Intel Core i7 processor and has 8GB of RAM. The 13.3-inch screen extends all the way to the edges.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 ($700)

Here’s a pro tip on this touchscreen laptop: It’s not more affordable. The price dropped by $200 recently. The webcam is much better than most at 5-megapixels and it lasts 10.5 hours.

3. Apple MacBook 13-inch ($950)

The all-purpose workhorse machine from Apple, the MacBook 13-inch model has 8GB of RAM and a keyboard meant for fast typers.

4. HP Envy 13-inch ($1,050)

If you upgrade to a new laptop, make it one that will last. The HP Envy is made of durable metal materials and has a 4K touchscreen.

5. Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop ($300)

I sneaked in this low-cost Chromebook because it’s a great back-up machine. Thin and light, the Chromebook has a touchscreen and can sit in a “tent” position for movie night.