Jura nailed it with the new Z10 high-end coffee machine

In a perfect world, everyone would have a cup of coffee ready at their bedside in the morning. That’s not going to happen in my lifetime, unless maybe we wake up wearing VR goggles and the coffee is not real. I need more coffee before I think about that nightmare.

Until then, I’m content with the Jura Z10 coffee machine. It’s a wonder to behold, a wonder of engineering, and a wonderful brewing mechanism. I’m not kidding when I saw this machine actually crafts coffee that tastes better than a coffee shop, and it’s much faster than Ted the barista who is probably using his phone too much.

Now, let’s not skip past this part. The unit costs $4,000 and has all the bells and whistles. You might buy $50 worth of coffee per week at a coffee shop and, honestly, that’s maybe if you are on a budget. Still, $4,000 is a lot of Starbucks trips. There’s a certain type of convenience that is above the fold, like driving a BMW or owning a John Deere tractor. Since I am guilty as charged on those last two, it is not hard to imagine springing for the Jura Z10.

That said, it might be important to know the benefits of a machine like this. It’s not an impulse purchase. I have tested previous machines, and I know the brand quite well. This is the best one I’ve tested. The built-in grinder is almost whisper quiet, and that’s definitely not true of every coffee machine with a grinder. The system actually knows if you selected cold or hot brew (yes, the machine can do both) and grinds accordingly. Ted doesn’t even do that.

It’s amazingly smart. I configured the test unit to brew an Americano with an extra three ounces of hot water and a lighter blend. But “configured” sounds complicated. What I mean is that I set those options for a cup of coffee, then hit “save” and that’s now the way it works every time. If there’s a manual you need to do that, it would be extremely condensed.

The drinks options are quite extensive, giving you hold and cold mixes that result in 32 different programming options. You can set the coffee strength anywhere from 1 to 10, and to do that you just drag a little slider with your finger. It’s “load and go” in every way possible. You load the beans, then press a button to grind and brew. If it was any easier, you would be Captain Picard asking for a cup of coffee to magically appear (even though he usually ordered tea).

Oh, by the way — you can also make a cup of hot water. In fact, there seems to be a setting for everything, including lattes and other blends. I have to say, the taste is fantastic. I have no complaints and neither do the half-dozen people who tried out this machine.

Another nice perk: You can program the machine with an app. It’s called J.O.E (Jura Operating Experience) and taps into the machine over Wi-Fi. It mimics the touchscreen on the device. I love everything about it, and in slime ways, there’s the bedside control I mentioned earlier.

I mean, this is the Mercedes-Benz of coffee machines. The water filter system constantly monitors water purity. The machines brews using a system that doesn’t just spray hot water on grounds, it means the water flows through evenly for perfect smoothness.

So what is left to say? I haven’t tested a better coffeemaker. If the price is holding you back, just know that the machine is worth that. No need for VR goggle nightmares.

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