It doesn’t take a wild imagination to agonize about your security. It seems the world has come unhinged. Many fret about their personal safety – even within their own home. Home video devices and systems are trending like never before. Enter the Nooie 360 Cam 2 and peace of mind from anywhere.

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 arrived on my doorstep in a small simple box slightly larger than a can of soda. The modest brown packaging is arrayed with specs and artistically styled images of features. Inside, the camera is securely packaged with minimal and environmentally responsible material. It comes with an A/C power cable and adapter, screws, wall anchors, and a wall mount. The instructions include simple pictures and a QR code for easy set up.

The directions are as easy to follow as the Nooie 360 Cam 2 is to setup. I plug in the camera and scan the QR code with my phone (Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.0+ compatible) to download the app. Once I create my account I simply connect the camera to my Wi-Fi to begin. My phone gives me a QR code and directions to hold the QR between 4 and 8 inches of the camera lens. During my first attempt the camera doesn’t connect with my Wi-Fi and sync with my phone. However, with an effortless refresh it connects. After naming my camera, I see an image of my living room appear on my phone.

Using the app on my phone I can pan and tilt the camera with a swipe of my finger. The camera rotates in response and truly gives me full control to view nearly 360 degrees. I switch on the sensors and immediately start getting notices and updates on my phone as the camera tracks and follows my movements and sounds. I suggest setting your sound and motion notification alert schedules unless you want to be bombarded by updates.

A few days in and the Nooie has a software update which takes about five minutes and requires a factory reset on the camera. At first the camera works, but it will not connect with my phone. After several attempts I have to redo the whole process. Not the end of the world, but similar to my initial experience it does reveal more glitches than I was expecting or would prefer with my technology.

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 comes with a plethora of features. I can always find what I am looking for and see it clearly with 2K definition and 8x digital zoom-in capability. Additionally, it has two-way audio, motion tracking and pan and tilt. The superior night vision keeps my mind at ease and allows me to check on things without waking anyone else up. The instant app notifications to my phone wherever I am gives me peace of mind.

The sound detection includes a low, medium, and high sensitivity setting. I can also schedule when I want this feature to operate. It even includes an advance feature, “Crying Detection” – which sends me an alert when baby crying is detected. Additionally, the motion detection includes a low, medium, and high sensitivity setting. I can also set up a Detection Zone and up to three schedules for when I want to receive motion alerts.

I can store footage by using my own MicroSD card so I never miss a thing. Cloud storage is also an option with Nooie+. Nooie+ has a 14 day free trial and is available with a Starter or a Standard plan (offered with a yearly or monthly payment option). The Starter plan includes 24/7 continuous video recording and 3-day history. The Standard plan includes event recording and a 30-day video history.

The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is straightforward and effective for home monitoring and peace of mind. With an abundance of useful features, I never miss a moment. If I need surveillance or to connect with someone while I’m away – Nooie is there. I can manage and use it through the app on my phone wherever I happen to be and can even share these privileges with others. The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is a reminder that big things truly come in small packages. Simple, intuitive technology brings immense peace of mind.

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