A couple light hoodies and a hug


If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know I live in the land of cold…Wisconsin. In fact, my husband and I recently moved to the Northwoods. Yep, even farther north of where we formerly lived for six years. Don’t ask me what I’m thinking. I don’t love the cold. In any case, my closet has acquired some new long-sleeved tops and an innovative, fun addition as well. While it is summer, the nights here in the Northwoods can get chilly. They get especially cool when I’m boating with my husband on the lake. For that reason, I wanted to find a couple light hoodies that I could take with me.

Helly Hansen Lifa Tech Lite Hoodie

This first of the light hoodies is from Helly Hansen. It surprised me with its lightweight, breathable fabric. Why was I surprised, you may ask. I couldn’t believe how it kept me warm. Yes, I realize it’s summer, but I get cold, y’all! The Tech Lite Hoodie was made for the active woman in mind. I can walk my dogs when it’s hot and humid while wearing this hoodie to keep the mosquitoes at bay and the fabric whisks away any moisture that may accumulate. If it is exceptionally cool on the boat, I may layer this hoodie, but it’s not always necessary. At $85, it’s not something I would normally buy, but an investment in this hoodie is worth it. Take it from me, if you will, I think you’ll be happy if you grab one. I will say that you should size up (I ordered a large and normally wear a medium) so be sure to consider that when ordering!

ObservaMé Poudretteite Hoodie

I hate it when I’m wearing a more form-fitting shirt or hoodie and I can’t easily access my watch. Do you have this problem? Well, when I found this ObservaMé Poudretteite Hoodie ($120), I finally found a hoodie that I can wear with my Apple Watch! When you order, you get to choose which arm has the watch opening, too. Not only that, but this has some other features I really appreciate in light hoodies: thumb holes to keep the sleeve in place, a phone pocket, and a rear fuel pocket. I also like that ObservaMé is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise. This light hoodie is another addition to my wardrobe that I’ve enjoyed taking with me on the boat. ****Oh, and my order came with a signed note from the owner/designer, Karen D. Fultz-Robinson which I admired.


Look, friends, who can’t use a hug now and then? Okay, if you’re not “a hugger,” maybe you can relate to wanting or needing just a little something extra to warm you up. Well, then you’ll like the PufferHug ($50 for adults, $40 for kids). I mean, Oprah even put it on her O list, so if you can’t trust me, trust Oprah! What I like about this is that it is a scarf-like wrap that has deep pockets. The outside is like a puffer vest with a warm and cozy fleece layer inside (and did I mention the pockets?!?). There are a number of ways you can wear it, too. Wear it as a scarf, under a coat, with one of the hoodies I mentioned above, around your neck while snuggling under a blanket. Choose your style and go with it! Want to see it styled on men, women, and kids? Watch the short YouTube video! Whether you get it from the PufferHug website or on Amazon, I think you’ll enjoy the cozy hug.