Honeydew soft sheets gave me a sanctuary of softness

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that my sheets have become strangely essential to my night’s sleep. Seriously. I never thought sheets mattered that much. I’ve always appreciated soft sheets but didn’t notice that much difference when I slept. Well, now I do. A few years ago, my oldest son corralled the other men in my immediate family to purchase me some high-end sheets for my birthday. At first, I thought they were nuts, but then I slept on them. Mind-blowing. I’m not kidding. I struggled with night sweats (gross, I know, especially when I’ve always been a cold sleeper!) but when I tucked myself into these new sheets, night sweats were a thing of the past. I’m not usually one for change, but since I had hit the jackpot twice with great sheets*, I thought I’d try another set (I needed another set for our new guest bed). Since I have been enjoying Honeydew’s pillows, I thought I’d give their sheets a try, too. 

*A few months ago, I purchased and wrote a review on Pizuna Linens. If you want the spoiler alert, they’re great. Well, now I’m hooked on good sheets.

Magically Soft Sheets?

Honeydew claims their sheets will transform the way you sleep because their incredibly soft “magical fabric” that feels like heaven on your skin creates a sanctuary in your bed. This had to be an overreach, right? I don’t know about feeling like heaven since I’ve never been there, but Honeydew isn’t wrong in saying their fabric is super soft and feels great on your skin. I love these sheets! The company uses 100% organic bamboo and puts the sheets through numerous tests to ensure that they are safe for humans (even babies!). Bamboo is why I don’t have night sweats when I sleep on these sheets. It’s more breathable than cotton and wicks away moisture better, too.

Something else I like about these sheets is that they have straps on each corner to help the sheets stay in place. They’re not too tight or too loose. So often, I struggle with other sheets to get them on the bed or stay on the bed after a night’s sleep. That’s not a problem with Honeydew’s sheets. So those rare nights when my house feels extra humid, I don’t worry about waking up feeling sweaty or damp.

I like to include at least one “downside” to all of my reviews, but I have to admit that I don’t really have one. These Honeydew sheets are my new favorite sheet set! From the softness to the moisture wicking and even to the handy “anchor straps,” I’m sold. Sorry, houseguests, I’m saving these for myself. After all, doesn’t everyone want their bed to be a sanctuary of heavenly softness?