Lockly Vision doorbell camera lock does it all

A person using the Lockly Vision Doorbell Camera Lock
Credit: Lockly

For years I’ve heard about doorbell cameras.  My brother loves his Ring, and my friend raves about her Google Nest.  I considered buying one but didn’t know which one would work best for us.  A few weeks ago, the Lockly Vision Doorbell Camera Lock ($400) caught my eye.  It was so high tech I wasn’t sure about it but decided to take the plunge.  

This product is not just a video doorbell.  It is a revolutionary smart lock with a built-in HD video doorbell.  It combines smart lock features with the aforementioned video doorbells’ convenience and security. The features are impressive:  HD video camera with live view, doorbell with a keyed lock, two-way audio, secure internal video storage, offline access codes, voice assistance control (works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), 3D fingerprint reader, touchscreen keypad, unlock/lock from anywhere using the app, real-time access to door information, and temporary e-keys.

Installing the Lockly was extremely easy with the 3D BILT app.  The directions were clear and allowed us to zoom in and rotate the various parts.  It took us a little over half an hour to install, but that included removing our former deadlock.

After getting the lock installed, I tried out the 3D biometric fingerprint sensor.  I like this feature, but it gave us a little trouble.  I could reasonably and quickly save my fingerprint, but my husband and one of my sons struggled with it for more than five minutes.  In fact, my son gave up and said he’d just use the keypad to enter. The other negative about this doorbell lock is that the doorbell is very quiet.  I can hear it when I am one or two rooms away but when I am upstairs or in the basement, I cannot hear the bell. Of course, if I have my phone, it will alert me with the video but I would still like for the bell to be heard throughout the house. 

The PIN Genie touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed as it randomly shuffles the locations of the PINs.  Genius!  I was also able to assign “trusted users” their entry codes.  I liked that, when the code was used, the Lockly app alerted me, and I could see who unlocked the door.  One other thing I can do with this lock is create codes that expire within a specific period of time to share with people who will need access to my house (like dog sitters).  

The Lockly has many great features I would want in a smart lock and is a step above many of its competitors.