LifeFuels dispenses tasty supplements

A woman with her LifeFuels water bottle.
Credit: LifeFuels

I drink lots of water daily.  I recently had a bout of food poisoning, and water just wasn’t working for me anymore. I tried Gatorade, but it tasted too sweet to me, so I looked for another fluid that I could keep down. When I saw ads for LifeFuels on Facebook and Instagram— and I even watched a short informational video about it on YouTube (I know, overkill!), I thought, “Why not?”

The LifeFuels bottle has a unique design.  It holds up to 16.9 oz of water and turns ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins and nutrients. What was the most helpful for me when everything seemed to upset my stomach was that I could choose the amount of flavor added to the water.  The bottom of the bottle houses three flavor pods (I’ll talk about those later) that are dispensed directly into the water.  To dispense, you can either push the button on the bottle’s side or use the LifeFuels app.

The LifeFuels app really impressed me.  Not only does it tell me the battery life of my bottle, but it also allows me to track my daily hydration, tells me what I last dispensed into my water, and even shows me the number of plastic bottles I’ve saved by choosing the LifeFuels bottle.  

I bet you’re wondering about how it tastes. There’s more to this than simple flavoring so let’s start there. The pods (each containing up to 30 shots) come in various flavors full of essential nutrients. There are pods for:

  • Energy – high energy (pineapple mango), natural energy (dragon fruit, white grapefruit citrus)
  • Working out – pre-workout (sour apple) and electrolytes (kiwi strawberry lemonade, guava strawberry, cranberry raspberry, lemon-lime)
  • Defense against illness – multi-vitamins (strawberry mango, peach), antioxidants (blackberry acai and blackberry lime), and immunity (orange tangerine)
  • Others – focus (ginger citrus), collagen (Types I & II that you add to another flavored pod), and flavor only (peach)

You can buy the pods in a 3-pack according to their uses (Energize, $32; Workout, $36; and Defend, $32) or individually ($10-$12 each).  Most people use about five shots per drink, so this generally means you’ll get 6, 16.9 oz drinks from each pod.

I tried all of the flavors and found that my favorites were peach and blackberry lime.  Having the ability to add just enough flavor to my water to help ward off nausea was exactly what I needed.

The bottle is a little heavy, so I don’t plan on taking it to the gym with me, although I could.  I enjoyed knowing that I wasn’t only adding flavor to my water, but also essential vitamins and nutrients that I needed.  In the end, while I like this bottle, it is expensive ($99 for the bottle and three pods), which is the most significant negative I found with it.  I suppose if you plan to use it to replace some of your daily supplements, the cost will work itself out.