Logitech Slim Folio PRO Keyboard review: Taking your iPad action to a new level

Sometimes you’ve got to build on what you already have to bring out its full potential for you. A few months ago, my 2013 hand-me-down laptop crashed. I’m still hoping for a resurrection, but my husband keeps telling me it is unlikely to rise again. I have had my 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro for two years now to create designs for work. I thought, instead of seeking out another device to replace my laptop, why not add to my iPad? To make it more functional like a laptop, I decided I needed a keyboard. With some searching, I wanted to give the Slim Folio Pro by Logitech a try. Here’s my thoughts so far.

The Slim Folio Pro is a keyboard iPad case. Snapping the iPad into the cover is as simple as any. When connecting the keyboard through Bluetooth it took me a second longer. It asks for a code but there was no actual screen that popped up for the code, so I was a bit confused, but started to simply type the code and it worked. So make note of that when joining the devices together. 

I like that the keyboard is only activated when your iPad clicks into the magnetic stand. This was handy since I often use my iPad for drawing or my kids will use it for games. They are constantly hitting the keyboard buttons when its flipped open, but thankfully because it isn’t clicked into the magnetic strip, their efforts do nothing. The same when I want to edit an image or handletter a graphic, I’m able to do so without typing on accident. 

I mostly wanted the compact keyboard case attached so I’d have one less thing to grab on the go (remember, mom brain) if I wanted to work outside of the home office, like at a coffee shop. Coffee shops while hubby watches the kids for you is kind of like a staycation. Even if only for two hours. This has worked great for that. But I don’t always enjoy having the keyboard attached when doing designs or when the kids are using it for shows. Logitech was one step ahead of my thoughts here since I did notice they have an upgraded version where the keyboard can be detached. This version also includes a mouse pad on the board. So when I decide to upgrade, I know which I’ll be going for.

The keyboard has back lights that I find more helpful than I originally thought. When I’m typing up something in the evening light (because I’m a mom of four kids under the age of 6, so evenings are the time to get all the things done while half asleep), I’m able to see what I’m doing without the light being overpowering. Don’t like the idea of lights? Just dim or turn them off with the tap of a button.

When I first started typing, I didn’t know if I liked the smaller, condensed keyboard. They have squeezed all of your typical keys into a smaller version where originally I was questioning this. Call me that old-school millennial who liked my parents big bulky keyboard that had the flaps in the back that you could even prop it up if desired. Can anyone else still hum the sound of dial up internet? After my first typing session on the Slim Folio Pro, I had no complaints. The smaller keyboard was easy to adapt to and I liked that I wasn’t missing numbers or top bar functions.

I have really liked the easy pressing for the buttons on the sides that are covered by the protective case. My last case had buttons that made it almost painful to press when I wanted to turn off my iPad or adjust the volume. That is not the case at all here (can that be considered a pun?). The press points don’t bulge out, are smooth and, as mentioned, very easy to use. 

For my design work, I need my Apple pen with my iPad at all times. My mom brain will lose anything not attached to my hip, and even the kids that are attached to my hips somehow get lost. I’m joking, I haven’t lost any kids…yet. This keyboard case has a magnetic flap that keeps the keyboard snapped shut while also housing your Apple pen. What I don’t particularly like about this method, is that it doesn’t actually charge your pen while its closed. I thought at first it could, since it sits in that general area, but I personally have not gotten it to take a charge. I have to remove the pen while using the keyboard and place it on the charging area. It isn’t a huge deal, but is a little disappointing. 

They say the battery life for this keyboard can last up to 3 months. So far, I haven’t had to give it a charge. I’ve got enough going on around me, to not want to be worrying about what cords I need to have nearby, so that is definitely a plus in my book. Overall, I really like the Slim Folio Pro for my 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro. It also works for an 11-inch Apple iPad Pro of several generations. The price points will change depending on the size you need, placing this keyboard in the middle price range costing around $90-125. Again, depending on the size or particular functions you are hoping to get out of it.

Honestly, I’m not sure why it took me so long to get a keyboard for my iPad but I’m happy to have one now!