Logitech Zone Vibe 100 review: The perfect work from home headset doesn’t exi-

I still work from home with no plans of heading back to the office. The majority of my day is spent on conference calls and 1:1 meetings. While many colleagues choose to let their laptops maintain all audio, I prefer a good headset. They help me narrow my focus and keep my mind from drifting. I’ve tested quite a few of these now including some from Logitech. Now, I can confidently state the Logitech Zone Vibe 100s are tops for all day comfort. 

It all starts with design. Logitech created these with simplicity and comfortability in mind. They are solid and unassuming. A minimalist’s dream. I opt for the white (between white, black, pink). When I say they are lightweight, I’m not just blowing smoke. These cans only weigh 6.5oz and are made from a knit fabric and memory foam for comfort. When I first try them on, I’m content with the feel, but question how on earth they can sound good when they are so lightweight. I’m wrong to question. 

These featherweights pack a punch like Tyson – okay maybe Pacquiao. Okay, I realize neither of these boxers were featherweights. The point is they hit harder than many initially expect. The Vibe 100s aren’t perfect or the best I’ve heard by any means, but I can still hear every detail I need to. From doo wop to 90’s alternative to today’s auto-tuned “music” they sound great. No, they won’t replace my Sony Noise cancellers. They can’t get the lows quite as crisp without a hint of muddiness. They’re not meant to. They are meant to sound really good and last all day for work. They deliver on what they intend. 

Conference calls are where the headset truly shines. I connect via Bluetooth, and each voice (including my own) sounds perfectly crisp and distinct. With Noise Cancellation on, background distractions mostly fade into non-existence. Other people don’t typically hear my background noise either. This is because the impressive microphone features noise cancellation as well. I’m grateful for this particularly when my kids invade my office with questions while I’m on calls. This is another great reason for a headset as opposed to laptop audio.

Flipping the mic up and down also mutes/unmutes the device. I love this option. How many times have I scrambled to mute on Microsoft Teams, digitally fumbling through programs to push the mic button? One time is too many. Now, I simply push the mic up and know with confidence no one can hear me. Additionally, there are several buttons on the ear cups. On the left side, I can control the volume and choose to start or end calls with a raised “phone” button. I can pair the set from the Bluetooth button on the right. 

Bluetooth 5.2 allows me to connect to multiple devices. They sound equally impressive while paired with my phone. I also love how they switch between devices (if multiple connected) depending on what device is playing audio. This can also be a bit confusing when the sound starts cutting out due to another device prioritizing the set, but this is the way of the new Bluetooth standard. 

Just how comfortable is the Zone Vibe 100 headset? Well, my wife stole them from me. She absolutely loves them. She had a lot of trouble with the fit of Logitech’s former design the Zone Wireless (or Wired). I actually loved that set too. The Vibe 100s are much better. The battery gives me about three days of life (15-20 hours). I’ve only charged it twice in the last two weeks.  My only real complaint is they feel so light they seem “cheap”. They aren’t, they just feel that way. I don’t think it is possible to break them without literally trying though. 

If you are in search of the perfect work or work from home headphones with a great microphone, search no more. I don’t think anyone should pass these up for the cost and comfort. I probably wouldn’t let my younger kids use them for fear a good drop or pull could potentially crack the plastic. Other than that, the Logitech Zone Vibe 100 fit the bill and are near perfect for everyday office use.