Logitech’s themed keyboard, headset, mouse, and XL mouse pad should convince you to upgrade your gear

Riot games and Logitech partnered to give gamers one heck of a themed gaming peripheral set. The Logitech League of Legends Collection (LoL) consists of an amazing selection of some of Logitech’s best gaming gear including: The Pro Wireless Mouse, The Pro X Headset, The Pro Keyboard, and a beautifully LoL themed XL mousepad. 

 I can tell you right now, you don’t have to be a League of Legends fan to appreciate the quality or aesthetics the set offers. I’ve never even played the game, and I love the look and feel of each item with a few exceptions I’ll point out. The scheme is awesome and the quality is top tier. From opening each product to testing and using them – I am impressed. 

The boxes alone scream quality and as I unpack each device it is clear that Logitech used extreme care and took every consideration to quality for the devices. This will be a longer review as we investigate each product and its performance. Let’s take a look at the products below.

Pro Wireless Mouse

Historically, I have been a big fan of Roccat mice with a few exceptions. The Logitech Pro Wireless mouse has become one of those exceptions and a great addition to my growing repertoire of devices. 

Weighing in at 80 grams, this mouse is designed for use with either hand (finally – as I’ve got some lefties in my household). I don’t know how, but this mouse fits incredibly well in the palm of my hand despite its lack of ergonomics (hence the ambidextrous option). I can adjust the side mouse buttons to either side of the mouse making the mouse even more conducive to those who need a left or right handed option. It is really easy to make the switch as they pop out and back in with ease on both sides. Logitech includes covers for the empty side as well. 

Lightspeed technology is built into the mouse and is proprietary to Logitech. According to Logitech this allows a faster wireless connection. Logitech claims “it beats competitors wired connections” in some cases. Minimal delay in a wireless connection is never a bad thing. In my experience it was crazy responsive, but I couldn’t tell the difference between the speed of the Pro Wireless and any gaming mouse I’ve tried. I also don’t tend to play as many games where this truly matters. 

Underneath the mouse, there is an on/off toggle, a DPI adjustment button. I can still assign the DPI adjustment to a different button in the G Hub software for on the fly activity. I can also store the USB dongle in a special compartment for carrying elsewhere. 

Charging the mouse still uses a micro USB port. For a “Pro” option I would think USB-C would be the go to by now. The mouse charges relatively fast so that is a plus. Overall, the mouse is a wonderful option and any gamer should be thrilled to add this to their gear. It can currently be purchased on its own for $129 on Amazon (see link above). 

Pro X Headset

At the risk of sounding redundant – which I am going to throughout this article – the Pro X Headset is a joy to experience – on PC. Yes, I can use it on a console, but where the headset truly shines is when I use it alongside the Logitech G Hub software. 

Again, the headset is designed to look as pretty as the mouse and keyboard but certainly doesn’t require purchasing either. It is a great standalone option – for a wired headset one of the best. 

As with all the gear in this article, quality is top notch. It doesn’t take more than physically seeing and holding the items to realize the care Logitech put into each peripheral. I personally like the LoL color scheme. Outside of the LoL design and blue/gold color, the headset does have “League of Legends” written on the top of the headband itself. Otherwise, they just look fancy. 

The headset is comfortable, although I feel like it squeezes my head a little tighter than I like. My son thinks they feel awesome and fit incredibly well (age 14). In playing Fortnite, Apex, and Far Cry 6, I found a few hours was the max time I felt comfortable wearing them before the fit truly felt annoying. I prefer the leatherette over the included soft cloth, but the inclusion of both should help you understand Logitech did everything to ensure users get all options. 

I think the leatherette helps to cancel any additional room noise as it forms better to my head. Logitech also includes a mobile cable with an inline microphone and a nicely branded carrying case to keep the accessories safe during travel. 

Sound and microphone quality is where the Pro X headset truly stands out. It features an external PC sound card with profile storage to help deliver great sound and voice communication. Using the G Hub software is where the headset really stands out. I can literally adjust how loud each area of my virtual 7.1 speakers are in the software. If I want to turn the rear surround speakers up to hear something behind me a bit louder I can do that. 

I personally find this useful in games like Fortnite. Does it make me a better player? Probably not, I’m still terrible, but I can still react more quickly with this help. 

Let’s not forget about the microphone with Blue Vo!ce. You truly have to hear it for yourself to understand the difference, but when enabled there is a night and day difference in microphone clarity. It isn’t up to par with a separate USB or XLR mic, but it is leaps and bounds better than any standard headset gaming mic I have heard. 

As of writing the LoL G Pro X Gaming Headset is $99 on Amazon. 

Pro Keyboard

If I had to pick just one item from the set being reviewed, it would be hard to pass up the Pro Keyboard (wired). Not only is it pretty to look at, it offers fantastically accurate switches and customizable options. I find the GX Brown switches to be a great blend of clickiness and perfect actuation. The keys are beautifully backlit and colors are customizable with the software

The keyboard is small enough to be portable which many players will find to be a major win. Logitech includes a nice travel bag to enhance portability. It is a tenkeyless keyboard – which is my major gripe. Yes, it is more portable, but I tend to use my keyboards for more than just gaming.  I prefer tenkey on my keyboards for data entry and spreadsheet use on the side. It isn’t the design that makes this keyboard stand out though. It is in the experience of the use. 

The Pro Keyboard weighty and stable and near flawless from a gaming perspective. I will say not having the tenkey made mouse movement that much easier while in use. While gaming, the extra space is awfully helpful. I can program in macros and even set up timed actions with the press of a button. All of this is possible while paired with the G Hub software. 

Keep in mind this is a wired keyboard (micro USB). Even the cable is designed with LoL in mind. I am still eager to get my hands on a wireless gaming keyboard that isn’t majorly flawed in some way. The cable is easy to hide with the right desk however, and let’s be honest keyboard cables aren’t usually in the way as they sit behind the keyboard anyways. 

As of writing the LoL Pro Keyboard is $129 on Amazon. 

G840 XL Mouse Pad

Finally, we get to the mousepad. Okay – I don’t have a ton to say about it. Other than the fact that the artwork and design are sweet (do people still say that?), it is – well – a giant mousepad that completes the set. The mousepad honestly does bring an additional aesthetic that brings the whole set together. 

XL mouse pads are great for a time, but I have a tough time keeping them clean from pet hair (which a vacuum solves easily) and spill spots. I don’t eat at my computer often, but if I do – it is inevitable that I will spill. Food does not come out of mousepads easily. 

As of writing the LoL XL Mouse Pad is ~$50 on Amazon. 


Logitech has outdone itself with this set. The quality and design of each item cannot be questioned. Regardless of whether or not you are a League of Legends fan, it is hard not to appreciate how pleasing each of these products are to the eye. Combined as a set makes them even more appealing. Logitech may have stumbled onto a key marketing campaign. I’d much rather buy my accessories as a set so they all match. It is also really convenient that I can buy them individually. Otherwise my setup is a hodgepodge of random items and products. If you aren’t a LoL fan – perhaps check out the non-branded options of the same peripherals. If you are a fan – you owe it to yourself to snag one if not all of these products.