Upgrade your work and gaming station with this Monoprice monitor mount

I have been trying to work with three monitors for years now. I spent a lot of time debating on whether I should use one, two, or three monitors for my PC needs. I have gone back and forth using stands, a dual monitor mount with one monitor on a stand, and then back to one monitor due to space constraints. 

Where some may wonder why three monitors is even necessary, I find it an absolute must for work or fun. I have tried to get hold of a triple monitor mount to save on desk space for over a year. Each company I try to order from has trouble getting them due to shortages – thankfully I found the Workstream by Monoprice – and it’s a great one. 


Setting up a monitor mount doesn’t usually take much work for me. Except my desk doesn’t support some mount dimensions. Mounts come with C-clamp designs that screw tight to the table or desk you want your mounts on. The problem is, my desk and its top tier don’t leave enough space for a C-clamp to fit in. I spent some time with my trusty sawzall making a notch in the bottom portion of the desk to enable space for the mount. It worked wonderfully. The problem is – I’m an idiot. 

Monoprice had me covered for this issue, and I didn’t even realize it. The mount actually comes with components and a bracket to drill small holes into a desk for support. This is a great option for those who have a similar problem as mine. I should have read the instructions thoroughly. Oh well – I guess. At least I can’t see the portion of my desk that is carved away. 

Total time to get this mount installed was roughly an hour and a half for me (including cleanup). Again, it probably should have only taken about half an hour if I would have chosen to install it properly. I give the setup a big thumbs up. Monoprice saw the potential problems some users may face and included everything necessary to solve it. That is a rare thing – and it’s a priceless inclusion. 


When I am looking for a device that supports three expensive monitors, I expect a mount that can handle the weight and keep them safe. I also expect great adjustability. Again, the Workstream has me covered. I am using a 27 inch LG monitor in the center with dual 24 inch HP monitors on the outside. 

The center mount is the least adjustable, but I was able to adjust it ridiculously high. I personally like it about 8 inches above the back of my desk. Each arm is fully adjustable and tiltable meaning I can make the monitors vertical should I feel the need. I can also adjust the tension of each arm (to hold more weight for bigger monitors) with an included allen wrench. Each arm also supports up to 15.4lbs. The arms can each support up to 32 inch monitors. I was not able to test this feature so I am not sure how much space leeway this would allow for. 

The mounts are VESA compatible, and it took all in a few minutes to physically place the monitors on the mounts themselves. I also appreciate that I can physically hide my cables in the back as the mount includes cable management options. 

Bottom Line

I can honestly say this mount has been a lifesaver in productivity for me. The ability to use all of my monitors and still conserve my precious desk space is nothing short of glorious. It’s tough to find a flaw with this mount. I will say if you have older monitors with recessed VESA mounting, you will need spacers. Thankfully, I already have them for my two outside monitors. 

Whether or not you need a triple mount is up to you. If the other Gas Spring Mounts from Monoprice are as capable as this one, it is worth your money.