Mosquitoes are no match for the Mozzie wearable mosquito net products

Mosquitoes. What more do I need to say? They’re awful. I mean, they are good food for dragonflies and bats, but what else are they good for? Here at my house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, you can always count on them to make their appearance in swarms and stick around until well into fall. Springtime boating, sitting outside, and doing yard work? Forget about enjoying it without some type of annoying bug joining you. I know everyone claims their mosquitoes are the biggest, but let me tell you, what ours may lack in size (I doubt yours are bigger, but I’ll leave that to you), they make up for in quantity! However, I found a product that helps me combat them without having to slather myself in bug spray (although I do like Natrapel and Ben’s, if you’re looking for some good sprays!). Also, I can’t carry around an insect trap like the Katchy with me everywhere. Mozzie makes some unique new products to protect you from the bugs: jackets, pants, hats, and even blankets. I decided to try the jacket and pants.

First Impressions

I don’t know what I expected, but the pants ($29) and jacket ($37) are so lightweight! They are literally mosquito netting (made of 98% recycled polyester and 2% cotton) sewn so that they are wearable. I decided to go with white, but they also make black. The detail on the white jacket is really cute. Along each side of the zipper, they have sewn this cute strip of fabric that is grey with teal and white flower-like designs. It gives what would’ve been a very plain, boring jacket a little extra something. If you decide to go with the black, I can see that they have used a solid black piece of fabric along each side of the zipper. It looks pretty sharp if you ask me…for wearable mosquito netting.

When I put on the jacket and pants, they fit really well. I went with a size larger in the pants because I wasn’t sure how they’d fit. Here’s my two cents worth: go a little larger (like I did). You want the “outfit” to be a little big to keep some space between your skin and the bugs anyway, so why not? I like how both items fit. With the tie waist, having the pants in a larger size isn’t a problem at all. The zipper on the jacket seems like it will be durable, so that makes me happy. I’m sure they put the fabric on each side of it to both hide the sides of the zipper and provide a little stability, so it works on many levels.


I like to start with the pros. It makes me happy. There are a lot of things I like about the Mozzie products. I’ve already mentioned that I like the fit and the details they put on the jacket. I like how it actually does keep the mosquitos off of me without me having to put on sticky bug spray. The jacket has a hood, too, so I can protect the back of my neck while boating, gardening, mowing the lawn, walking my dogs, etc. You may be asking, “Mow the lawn? Did you do that?” Yep. Sure did. I mowed the lawn in my outfit. It was getting to be dusk, and the mosquitoes up here are extra bloodthirsty then so I thought, why not? At first, I was afraid that having extra clothing on would make me get hotter, but it didn’t. Since the clothes are made out of mosquito netting, the air is let through while the bugs are kept out. It worked well. One other thing I like is that the mesh is very small so it doesn’t just keep out mosquitoes; it keeps out ticks, “noseeums”, gnats, and more.

Now for the con. The biggest thing I have found with these (the jacket more than the pants) is that they are a little itchy. Perhaps as I wear them, they will get softer like some fabrics, but I’m not sure. If you’re someone who is especially sensitive to itchy fabrics, this may not be for you. But if you’re willing to put up with a little itch now and then instead of dealing with annoying mosquitoes and the subsequent bites and long-term itch, I think you’ll find these bearable and worth the occasional irritation.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you’re like me, and you’re not really looking for another thing to add to your closet or dresser. I mean, this isn’t a necessity. However, if you live in an area where you deal with lots of bugs and you’re tired of buying bug spray, feeling sticky, and smelling like citronella, you might want to consider Mozzie’s products. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I mean, the 4th of July get-together and fireworks or early season football games without going home full of bug bites? Come on! That would be great! I’m considering purchasing another outfit for my niece because any bug bite on her turns into a huge welt. This way, when she visits and wants to fish all day, we don’t have to worry about the bug spray not working well enough. I’m glad I decided to take a chance on a new product, maybe you’ll feel the same.