My morning routine is growing up

Espro Bloom pour over coffee kettle
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Wake up. Walk downstairs. Watch some cartoons. Make coffee. My morning routine is pretty consistent. Maybe I should mention that I have a one-year-old son (explains the cartoons) but my coffee routine is far more exciting than Blues Clues.

Since starting to drink coffee, I’ve always defaulted to Keurig as my coffee brewer of choice. Simplicity reigned supreme —  until my mind was opened to the world of coffee that is. I decided to dedicate my quarantine to getting serious about making coffee. My wife loves a good latte so I learned how to make one up to her taste standards. 

As I weaned myself off of cream and sugar, my goal was to make the best possible cup of black coffee. I studied up on the best technique and brew style options for a rookie like myself.

After some research, Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer looked like the perfect fit. It retains the ease and simplicity I was used to while offering a broader flavor profile. With this tool, I’ve not only gained the reputation (to my wife and toddler) that I know what I’m doing, but I truly feel more confident in my coffee-making skills. No longer do I simply press a button — though I sometimes resort to this when running late to a Zoom meeting. Now, I take pride in properly measuring the grounds, pouring the water evenly, and waiting for the appropriate time between each step.

I believe my exact text to a coffee-loving friend when I first used this pour over coffee brewer was “I know nothing.” I could have included a reference to coffee but, at the time, I was so puzzled as to how something so simple could be so advanced.

I stood in my kitchen, baffled by my own lack of knowledge about something I once believed easy. I now have a newfound respect for baristas. I feel that I should go to my local coffee shop and watch technique — or maybe I could ask the good people at Wildfire Coffeehouse to show me a thing or two. Additionally, I feel as though I am a part of an exclusive club, an insider group of coffee brewers. While I know this isn’t actually true — though I did just give a “Jeep Wave” to a fellow Jeep on my run for groceries — this is a feeling manifested by the ownership of an Espro Bloom.

After hours of research I have found that, of all the options out there, I am quite pleased with the Espro Bloom. With durable stainless steel construction, an advanced filter for even extraction, and a deep brew bed, the quality I pour, even as an armature, is truly remarkable.

While I may not be the aficionado I wish to be, those with significantly more coffee knowledge have noted the difference in my coffee quality. Even my unaccustomed taste buds desire the flavor profile extracted from the Espro Bloom over my traditional Keurig.

I could go on for paragraphs about how many micro spiral-patterned-precision-cut-holes there are (1502), or how many flutes the eco-friendly paper filters have (32), but that wouldn’t matter to the majority of coffee consumers (I know it didn’t mean a thing to me). However, what I do know is that of the options I now have, the Espro Bloom has gained its place in my daily routine.

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