This is the screen protector you need to help fight off germs in 2020

Mother helping son to blow his nose with a tissue creating germs while she talking on the phone with anti bacterial screen protector
Credit: Zagg

Parenting a one-year-old through a worldwide pandemic has certainly kept us on our toes. Though my wife and I are as resourceful as possible when it comes to entertainment, we still watch Netflix constantly. 

One of our little guy’s favorite shows is Little Baby Bum (basically, two seasons of nursery rhymes, all of which I now have memorized). One of the most repetitive songs is the “Wash Your Hands Song.” Never before has a children’s song been more relevant to my adult life.

I’ve always known that phones are one of the grimiest objects around. Clorox protects my phone somewhat — especially from my son. Soap does not feel like enough though.

Since purchasing my iPhone 6s, I have begun to appreciate screen protectors. Previously, I bought what was cheapest online. I figured that high-end protectors, like those from InvisibleShield, weren’t worth the investment. That mindset drastically changed upon introduction to the InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ screen protector.

This screen protector keeps my phone safe from scratches and bumps as it should. Additionally, it self-sanitizes with embedded anti-bacterial technology. Zagg, the parent company of InvisibleShield, claims this technology effectively kills 99.99% of common surface bacteria.

If you’re like me, your initial reaction may have been, “Okay, that’s cool and all, but how does it make my screen look?” This glass screen protector is beautiful and makes a noticeable difference to the appearance of your phone. It also features VisionGuard — a blue light filtering technology that protects your eyes from your screen’s harmful rays. With an increase in my screen time, this has been a practical addition to my antibacterial efforts. 

Crafted from aluminosilicate glass, this screen protector is the strongest and most scratch-resistant I’ve ever used. Additionally, the protector’s ClearPrint technology is very impressive. If you’re interested in reading just how Zagg makes all these things happen, check out their breakdown.

I still take every sanitary precaution when venturing out of the house but, with this added protection to my device, that task just became so much easier. 

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